Quilt Exhibit on the Farm: Part 1

Back in May I was lucky enough to visit the “4th Annual Exhibit on the Farm” a quilt Exhibit put on by the Swiss longarm quilter Barbara Heller who runs her own longarming business Quilt Service.

My hubby was the best and offered to go with me and drive! The exhibit was held at an idylic location in a barn in Wil in canton Zurich. Unfortunately, as it was in a barn, it was too dark to take pictures without flash, so I have tried my best at getting decent photos with my Nikon.

As I have so many photos I am splitting this post into parts. I will try my best at getting out the next parts as quick as possible.

So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy the show!

One of my favorites in the show was this mini quilt:

Lighthouse by Barbara Heller


The door in particular was very impressive, with its wood details.




Leaves 3 (orange) by Barbara Heller


Another work of art!



Pinky by Barbara Heller

This one was just stunning! Unfortunately it didn’t photograph well.




Self Portrait by Barbara Heller (pattern by Amy Bradley)



One of the quilts I just adored was this one:

Je vois le vie en rose by Renate Schön


This more modern quilt had some very cute fabric.

City Penguin by Eleonora Harder



I fell in love with this quilt, wanting to make an exact replicate for my bed:

Silver Patch by  Barbara Hugi-Jung


Every little detail, was exactly as I would have it.

I just loved the scrappy border.



Another more traditional quilt was this one:

Flying Geese by Elsbeth Glarner




Sorry no details on this one.



So stay tuned, more quilts to come. Hope you have a great creative day!





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