Blogging After Baby

Getting back to blogging, has been anything but easy.
The main reason being , the new addition to our family, this little man, Joshua Zollinger.

Granted that was in January, some 9 months ago, which is about the same time as my last post. But let me offer a few excuses, to explain the long absence.

For the first four months or so, I was busy learning to survive,  channelling all my energy into this little person.
Since then,  I’ve been trying to find the balance between being a good mother, and living a fulfilling creative life.



If you look at most of my blog posts from last year, it’s pretty clear that quilts are my passion. I started my quilting journey about 5 years ago and about that time I started this blog. It’s been a place to share my experiences of learning to piece and hand quilt my own quilts, while sharing a little of my quilty world here in Europe: visiting quilt shows and quilt shops and occassionally indulging in the history of quilts and their makers.
But that’s not all my blog is about.


If you are a follower of my blog, or my Instagram or Facebook feeds, you know I love to share my journey of homemaking here in Switzerland, which also includes lifes’ little adventures: getting as far from home as we can.


A few months ago, faced with paying my yearly dues for WordPress,  I was forced to  re-evaluate my blog. I asked myself if I should keep blogging, or just let it go: flip the switch on this comatose patient.
I wondered what I continued doing it for, if so few people read, or at least commented on it. And what about all those people saying how blogging is a dying art? Nevertheless, letting go of all the hard work of the past years was something I was simply not ready for.  After all before Joshua was born,  my blog was my baby.
Each post would take hours, to not just write, but to upload photos, edit and organize, as well as add links  or references to. If I chose to publicize each post on social media, then the time just multipilied.  Did I really have time, as a new mother, to continue with this?
Nevertheless, letting go of all the work of the past 4 years or so, was something, I was just not ready for.
Looking back at last year’s blog entries, I was reminded of that feeling of satisfaction, after clicking the publish button, on a post that I have slaved over. Words that I have tried my best at editing myself: four, five,  however many times it would take. And finally scrolling through, seeing the beautiful pictures; just having that record of the things I’ve been up to. I must say, looking back, last year was pretty amazing.
Seeing these posts, I realized that, even if it is all just a record for myself, and a way to connect and share my experiences with my family and friends far away: then it is worth it! And if I occasionally get some nice comments, then it’s a bonus. It doesn’t matter if they’re from people I know personally or other quilters, bloggers, or blog readers who have connected with me, they all count.
Across the mountains, cities, countries and oceans that seperate us, it’s nice to hear that people are listening.
So here I go… marking a new chapter in my Home Sweet Dreaming blogging life.

11 thoughts on “Blogging After Baby

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    1. That was the day, Joshua and I came home from the hospital. As celebration. Of course, the tea cup was symbolic only, as you weren’t there. Reading is definitely not the easiest, but I am more than halfway through a book right now. Which is a miracle. Thanks for stopping in, it means a lot!😘


  1. What a happy baby!!! Congratulations! I do look forward to your quilting blog posts, but I hope you include pics of that adorable boy.


    1. It ‘s so good to hear from you…. I still have a lot to get caught up with other people’s blogs. Ocassionally I see something on Instagram from you. I must say, Instagram makes it so much easier to share. But it’s not quite the same.


  2. I am so glad you are continuing this digital journey. Do it for you! You will have all of these memories stored for later. I feel like finding balance is an ongoing challenge. Just don’t give up your passion, you will find moments to get back to it.


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