I’m Jodie Zollinger! I would like  to welcome you  to my blog:


Home Sweet Dreaming- Diary of a Country Girl.


I just wanted to share with you a little information about myself, so you can better understand a bit about:  why I blog and what this blog is about.

Now I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary details but a few main ones are needed, if you are going to understand who I am.

In a nutshell, I was born in Bermuda, an 80’s baby, where I was raised by my parents and my, relatively large, extended family.


Oh I would love to have a view like this out my window!



Diary of A Country Girl

I love languages and different cultures and this has developed a love for travel, which has taken me to some very interesting places. At the age of 18  I began my somewhat nomadic existence: studying in French speaking Canada, Germany, and Switzerland  until I settled here in Eastern Switzerland  in 2004.




Before I arrived in Switzerland to live, I had just graduated University in Boston, USA, where I studied  Communications and Journalism and majored in Advertising.

I  love writing and photography  and so I chose to set up this blog where I can share my experiences and interests with family and friends and other like minded people like you, who may be fellow bloggers, quilters, crafters or sewers.






I love how blogging has made the big world feel a little bit smaller and has allowed me to make and maintain friendships or relationships with family and friends from all over the world.


2014-01-04 13.34.03




I have developed a passion for all things alpine, especially my Swiss home where I spend my days, cooking, gardening, homemaking, writing, quilting and blogging about it. I love hand crafts and live life a bit old fashioned.


Diary of A Country Girl



See the neighbor's cat on walking over the pond.


And let’s not forget, although my tagline has over time disappeared from my Homepage… I am a country girl, I live in the Country and love it, but not only that, I am a ‘Countrygirl’ because I am passionate about country music; the culture around it, the songs and their singers. Country music and country living is simply a part of me and how I live my life.







For me the most important thing is my family and friends, both here in Switzerland and Bermuda and speckled all around the world. They give me so much love and support and together with my husband,  who is  a nice Swiss ‘Countryboy’ .  Both he and my family and friends, give me a lot of love and support for which I am deeply grateful.



Bermuda 2013 001

my niece



I have learned to love life, and live it in as much of a creative way as possible.




I hope if you share any of the same interests as I do that you will be inspired to contact me by touching base with me on Facebook, Pinterest or by reading and/or commenting on my blog.

I wish you all a little Home Sweet Dreaming!

Thanks for  stopping in!