The Maker’s Year

Early this year, I came across this podcast from Kate on the A Playful Day Podcast. Kate is a maker, blogger and photographer as well as a single, stay at home mom, who lives in Dorset, England. She is young and hip and is interested in things like sustainability and cooking wholesome food. I was really... Continue Reading →

My Creative Inspiration

Last week I started this little series on a selection of images that inspired me throughout the  previous week .  So here it is, my week in images and words. My Garden of Goodness In an effort to make the most of my spring blooms in the garden, I made this impromptu arrangement which I put in a large Yankee Candle glass.... Continue Reading →

Just made this for my lunch. I didn't have anything quick worth eating for lunch and felt for soup, so I went on Pinterest looking for a recipe for Potato Soup, which I don't have a decent recipe for. Eventually, I found one on my favorite food website Taste of Home. My mom introduced me... Continue Reading →

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