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The rain has finally come to my little corner of Switzerland, bringing with it cooler temperatures and finally: motivation to blog.

I’ve been playing with the idea of blogging all summer. This past year has proven to be very tricky, trying to balance the responsibilities of a new mother with chores and my quilting life. To say the least, blogging has just not been a priority.


But having just come back from an extended vacation spent on my home island of Bermuda, I am feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some of the ideas that have been floating around in my head this past summer.

Another reason I am feeling so ready to deal with my hopes, dreams, plans, and goals, is because I have found a planner that speaks to my existing planning life and need for order, in a seemingly unstructured, creative life.

While in Bermuda, in an act of fate or destiny, the “52 Lists Planner” practically fell into my hands, while shopping for children’s books in The Bermuda Bookstore, a tiny little independent bookstore with a great selection of books.

Even though this planner wasn’t my usual style, it immediately caught my eye. Flipping through its pages I realized that it was exactly what I had been looking for. Who knew that undated planners even existed! That meant that I could start right now, at the beginning of the school year or whenever I wanted.


Returning from such a long vacation, I felt that I needed to reassess the goals I made at the beginning of the year.

I loved the short and sweet guide to setting goals and the writers approach to making intentions as well as goals. The weekly spread over four pages, allows you to assess your main tasks and intentions for the week, before giving you daily to-do lists, highlighting your top three priorities.


As I am a big believer in keeping a daily record of the things you are grateful for, I love that it includes room for that as well on the daily lists.

One idea that is new for me, is analyzing how I could make tomorrow 1% better.

But what makes a change to my previous method of goal setting and planning is the “Reflecting Back” section of the weekly spread. In this section, the planner gives you room to reflect on things you feel most proud of, first in your personal, and then in your professional/educational life.


Finally, to finish off the “Reflecting Back” section, there is plenty of space to record your favorite thing that happened this week, along with symbols that represent your overall mood for the week.

This focus on the positive elements in one’s life is an element that makes this planner stand out for me.

Another highlight of this planner is the dotted pages at the end, which allow you to brainstorm different projects you are working on and breaks them down into different steps. This is the perfect feature for planning my creative goals.


With reflecting such an important part of this planner, I was happy to find this spread at the end of the planner, to help reflect and plan the year to come. (The goal planning, ‘Looking Forward With Intention’, section has a similar layout.)


Finally, this planner has put an end to the Monday morning rush to print out free printables of my to-do lists, and the guilt about the amount of paper they required.

This both beautifully designed and thoughtfully organized planner, will hopefully enable me to focus more on what’s important and in doing so, help me accomplish more in my life. Hopefully, that will include more blogging!

To find out more about this beautiful planner, you can watch Moorea Seal’s You Tube video about The 52 Lists Planner and view a detailed flip through, click here.

To purchase your copy of The 52 Lists Planner or find out more about the other books in The 52 Lists Series click here.

To visit the online retail store Moorea Seal, which is based out of Seattle, click here.

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