Quilty Life Update

Ok, I have to admit I wanted to name this post: "Overwhelmed!" or "Over my head". Or just simply "Help!" But maybe then you never would have opened it. But yes my dear readers, this is how I feel right now and after messing up another block of my latest project, I have had to... Continue Reading →

Quilt Labelling

On Monday, I finished my husband's quilt. It was such a good feeling. Once I was finished I knew the only thing I had left to do was the labeling of the quilt. I love to document my quilts and the quilt label is certainly the most important part of that. All my quilts, so... Continue Reading →

Quilty Goals and Resolutions

Earlier this week I was catching up with my quilting podcasts, when I came across Sandy's: Quilting for the Rest of Us. As I've mentioned before, Sandy's podcast is an old favorite of mine, and in this particular episode from December 29, 2015, she talks about her 2015 Quilting Resolutions challenge and the challege for the upcoming year. This... Continue Reading →

The Quilty Update

Well, I haven't written much about my actual quilt progress in a long time. So I thought I would fill you in on what I have been spending most of the winter on : my Back Home Quilt. Well that is the name of the pattern I used originally, but as I basically only used the blocks... Continue Reading →

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