The Pastels of my Past

When I opened up my new blog page today, all ready with my ideas for this post, I thought: oh how pretty! And that’s when all my plans for this post went out the window.

Mostly I was referring to the color of my homepage, but also the colors in the quilt which happen to be, the pastels of my past. At some point towards the end of my teenage years, my room back home in Bermuda was painted a similar pale pastel green. To this day I still love the color. It makes you feel like you are under the sea, and for me that is a beautiful feeling. I can’t explain it but it gives me a sense of security.  Inspiration for my old room was an identical quilt to the quilt I keep on my new couch to protect it from messy Jodie’s inevitable spills.  This quilt is the same but larger.

It is not an old, heirloom quilt, but it has been handed down and it does have a bit of a story.  I think I begged my aunty Elaine for it when I moved into my own home, wanting one that would fit a queen sized bed. It’s not a handmade quilt, but one of those you buy from somewhere like Walmart or Target, so the fabric can be described as a little more than threadbare. Actually there are holes in it, which is why I am racing to get through my first quilts so that eventually I can replace it.  But before I can do that, I first need some more practice with some smaller quilts.

When I quilted my first quilt, that in my homepage header, I vowed to not try a big quilt for a while, or at least before I have a better laid out sewing room/office. (Sorry but one quilt has not made me an expert machine quilter!)  We will see how long I can resist the urge to start a bigger quilt. In any case, once I have a quilt to replace it, you can bet it won’t be tossed on the trash heap, because it simply means too much to me. Not only has it accompanied me through some of my own rough patches but it is probably one of the reasons I first got interested in quilts.

So just in case you think my pastel look is a little old fashioned, then let me tell you it serves a nostalgic purpose. Besides, I am a bit old fashioned. Maybe that is part of the reason I like quilting!


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