Piecing and Pressing

Frozen apples in the neighbor's garden.
Frozen apples in the neighbor’s garden.

I want to keep this post short today as I’ve just been uploading all my photos so I can update all my past posts. This took me a long time and I really need to get on with my German homework.

But a little bit on what I’ve been up to:  piecing and pressing, over and over and taking pictures of the frozen fog on the trees outside, which is kind of cool.

See the neighbor's cat on walking over the pond.
See the neighbor’s cat  walking over the pond.



Hey maybe I can scratch the idea of making a quilt and just make a placemat?!

(Hey maybe I can scratch the idea of making a quilt and just make a placemat?!)

Eventually, though I had enough and as it cleared up, I decided to get out of the house.

Accompanied by a nice podcast from Sandy at Quilting For the Rest of Us http://quiltingfortherestofus.com/ and my sticks, I was able to take a nice long walk and stop off at the village bakery for some bread for lunch. I am a little behind on Sandy’s podcasts (by a couple of years) but am trying to get caught up. As for my sticks, (hiking/snow shoeing sticks) I needed them to stop me from falling on the ice. Already did that don’t need to do it again!

2013-12-04 11.18.00

Anyway, got to go!


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