Sleeping with the Quilting Police

It’s been a while since I posted a long post, so I thought today was the day to get down to business.

The last 4 days have been extremely busy trying to do all the things I want to do before next week (AKA tomorrow!!)  when ‘real life’ starts up again, that means, no more holidays or post- holidays. (I’ve been discovering new Swiss ones this year!)

Yesterday’s goal for the day was to fill in my new agendas and calendars, only I got a little caught up with making New Year’s Resolutions and goals that, well, let’s just say I had no time for my day’s goal.

2014-01-04 11.07.01

Before I knew it, it was 14.00, time for my Skyping breakfast with my family that my mom had organized.

2014-01-04 13.33.27

Of course this was quite a painful process as I proceeded to watch them all down my mom’s delicious pancakes!! It was great, no, seriously. Skype has been my savior this year. I’ve never felt more included in things than this Christmas, when I Skyped every holiday (25, 26 and 1st).

2014-01-04 13.34.03

Let me just say, life is a little exhausting when you live in two different time-zones on two different continents;  at least at Christmas.

At some time during this big Skype session, my friend Kemi came to drop off my Christmas present: a new quilting book, yeah!



(More on that in another post).

With all this going on, and of course trying to get some down time (Heartland and some Hiking Docu)  with Yves, in between doing the wash, Yves says something to me like “Maybe you would like to actually get some quilting done!”

Well that was it, end to a peaceful Saturday afternoon! Didn’t he realize how much I’ve been doing all day? When exactly does he expect me to get any quilting done? “Hello, who are you? The Quilting Police?” I thought to myself.

At that time, it was time to make dinner : his favorite, Älper Magronen ( A typical Swiss dish of macaroni casserole filled with lots of cheese, cream and potatoes, served up with a side of really good chunky applesauce.)

As we devoured this particularly delicious specimen of my homemade Älper Magronen, we were discussing his day and my day (he had to work) when he said something like, “Maybe your (podcast) readers don’t want to hear so much about your family”.

“My family? But it’s Christmas?” I replied.

“Yeah but maybe they would prefer to hear more about quilting, maybe you should stop blogging about things your family are interested in(i.e. Christmas)  and start blogging about quilting, i.e. get some quilting done”.

Totally perplexed, I asked him to explain his concerns, because I was so dumbfounded by these comments that I hadn’t a clue what he expected from me.

I asked him, “Where the h*** did these negative feelings towards my family come from?”

He said, “Well, maybe where it came from, is that your quilt has been lying on the couch for the last two days taking up half the couch.”

God, can’t, Swiss men (i.e. my Man), just spell out what the h*** they want to say, and stop taking all day to say it!

Really, for a moment there, I had started to worry that I was “SLEEPING WITH THE QUILTING POLICE!”

;  )

So, hope you enjoyed my little ‘quilty’ anecdote for the week!

Please, if anyone else has any experiences with the QUILTING POLICE, that they are willing to share, please write me, I would love to hear about it! You see I think I may need to join some support group or something!!! Hee hee!