Something You Should Know About Me

About Me: Depression

Last year, I spent the ‘good’ part of the year (both calendar and school year), recovering from a long depression. I want to start this year, 2014, afresh by ‘coming out’ about it and basically accepting that it happened, I am a human and these things happen, and move on.

This year it is my goal to not to be ashamed about it, or what happened. I want to discover, as I have been discovering the last few months, the real me that has been buried under years of depression and I want to help others who are either going through a difficult period in their lives or even something more serious.

I am extremely grateful for the help I got from the friends and family who stood by me during that time and the new friends I have made this last year who have accepted me for who I am, depression or no depression. I know these will be the lasting relationships that are important to me, providing I too put the work into them that all good relationships require.

I am so happy that I have found myself again these last couple of months as I started the process of moving on. Thank you, again, to the family and friends who have helped me through the process and especially to move on. I love you all dearly. Nothing is more important than the people you love.

P.S. Should you be a family or friend of mine who was not aware of the situation, please know that I love you and simply could not deal with telling many people about it at the time. I do not really want to rehash the past, or hurt anyone in the process.


Putting this in a blog post was for me the easiest way of letting as many people I know, know and post it on facebook. As I do not completely approve of facebook, this is why I did not post it directly there.

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Kemi and me kemi and horrace

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