A Swiss Mountain Retreat: Part 2

Dear Readers,
Well it has been almost two weeks since I last returned from my holidays, but I desperately needed to have a bit of ‘fabric therapy’ as well as time reacquainting myself with my sewing machine.

And although I have lots of fabric photos, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you the photos of our very special mountain retreat.


We stayed in a typical mountain farm house that had converted the barn to make room for paying guests.






Although we took the offer of Bed and Breakfast, they also offered the option of self-catering.


I am not sure that I have ever been to a Bed and Breakfast that has been so lovingly converted and which succeeds so well at keeping the family quarters and guest quarters separate.

The Common Area, was perfect for relaxing before dinner or after a strenuous Snowshoe tour.

Guest Common Area





DSC_1032 DSC_1029


The Kitchen was well equipped and perfect if you were there for longer stays and just wanted to eat in.


Ok it would be difficult to choose my favorite part, but our bedroom was certainly up there.



DSC_0048 DSC_0029




Oh yes, and that is my quilt that just had to come for the ride.

Having stayed in many beautiful Bed and Breakfasts, in the UK, Bermuda and the USA, I was pleased to finally find a Bed and Breakfast here in Switzerland which achieved that delightful balance of ‘the personal touch’ and ‘local charm’.

Although our hosts weren’t locals, but Dutch, they were very accommodating and helpful, and were an excellent resource for the local restaurants and of course sporting activities that the area offered.

We absolutely loved our room and the common area and just wished we could have stayed longer.



So hope you enjoyed my little peak into a beautiful Swiss mountain retreat. It certainly recharged my creative batteries.

If you have any little Bed and Breakfast gems to share from your local area, or your own holidays, please let me know. Countryboy and I love to travel, especially here in Europe and in the US and Canada and so would love to hear your suggestions.


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