My Summer Garden

Dear Readers,

This post is ‘in honor’ of my parents who have been married a long time and who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today!!!

I love them very much and I wanted to give them a special post that they would both enjoy to open in their inbox this morning. I won’t be able to give them anything as I live here in Switzerland and they, in Bermuda, but I will see them soon enough!

Of course, I know there are a great deal of quilter garden lovers out there as well as bloggers, so there is no reason why you too might not enjoy a little walk through my very humble garden.

Now I am not going to show you all the mess (weeds and jungle) just the good parts. One day, when my house is all in order and all my pressing quilting projects are done and put away, and the rain stops, I will get out there again and clean it up, and then photograph it for you. But for now you will have to accept what there is.

So without further ado, I present a walk through my garden, at it’s best this summer, to be precise the 3rd of August.

I took these photos and have been saving them for the perfect time to post them. I know this is it, as my parents both have a passion for horticulture and one of their favorite pastimes is visiting open gardens, botanical gardens and estates with gardens, both at home in Bermuda and in the US, Canada and Europe. This is something I have also grown to enjoy the older I get.

Please note, that although some of these flowers I planted, the garden is a well established garden and so my in-laws planted a great deal of them.


This is my most recent acquisition, a gorgeous passion fruit vine. I only re-potted it a few weeks ago and it is already taking over Stonehenge (that’s our Pergola).












View from my house down onto our Pergola and up to our neighbor’s house with the woods to the left and our garden loving other neighbor who is always busy as a bee to the right.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! I love you so much!!


This was taken on our Amsterdam 2012 trip. I have a lot of happy memories from that time and that was why I used this particular photo, rather than a more recent one.

I hope you all enjoyed that small peak into my garden, and should you have any suggestions for your favorite gardens to visit in mainland Europe, they will be visiting in a few weeks and we are all looking forward to doing a few garden themed road trips.

Hope you all have a great day!