Fabric Friday

Dear Readers,

This week, I have been quilting like crazy, hand quilting that is.


(Yes, I am still working on my half-square triangle quilt!!!)

I have been quilting in the free moments when I am not busy with the house, garden, cooking, or decorating. Enjoying the little pieces of fabric between my hands, fingers and needle. With all the things on my plate right now, I haven’t had much time to actually ‘play’ with  fabric too much, and oh how I have missed it.

So today, when it came time to write my Friday Fabric post I wondered what I could possibly write about!


It wasn’t until I was moving some furniture around and trying to sort out all the millions of wires connecting all the techie devices and lamps. I couldn’t figure out how on earth I was going to keep them organized and so I was thinking, what I could tie them together with.


Then it came to me. I had all these strips of scrap fabric, all I needed to do is cut them up and use them to tie my cables together.

So I began the hunt through my scrap jar!




This one I bought on the Island of Rügen in Northern Germany. They were hand made crafted pottery that were all individual and unique. At that point I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. But when something speaks to me, I have to have it and I don’t care how much it costs!

And I am so happy I did, because a year or so later I decided it made the perfect place to store all my quilting fabric scraps. Now I not only have this wonderful place to store my scraps but also this little bit of Rügen: This beautiful piece of pottery that reminds me of the little store I bought it in, in that quaint little town and the beautiful day and time I had there.

I would like to think of the little witch or angel that is painted on the jar as the happy fabric fairy or the happy fabric witch or the fabric fairy godmother, watching over all my fabric scraps, waiting to inspire me and whisk me in to fabric heaven!

In any case, after organizing my scraps, …


…I decided they were too pretty to use for tying up yucky cables, and in my jar I found some Pearl Cotton scraps, from some embroidery I had been doing.


They were prettier than the traditional plastic ties and didn’t take up so much space, but of course a little trickier to tie.


After a while of trying to manage all the cords and cables I gave up the fight. Life is too short to waste worrying about messy cables and a messy house. And life is certainly too short not to be quilting.

So dear Readers, what about you? Do you have anything extra special  in your fabric stash or that you use to store your fabric in. Something that has a particular sentimental value and/or that offers you that little boost of inspiration when you most need it?

I’m sure you do! If you would like to share it with me (and I hope you do!) please leave me a comment or email me at ebbenflowz@hotmail.com. So fellow quilters, bloggers, friends and family: I wish you all a very happy Fabric Friday and a great weekend!!





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