Fabric Shopping in Konstanz, Germany

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to go to Germany for the day with a friend, for a little retail therapy. OK I didn’t actually buy fabric, but looking at it is almost as good!!

In most German cities there is a ‘Karstadt’ department store and in the home department they have a significantly sized department for home decor, including sewing, knitting,  and quilting supplies. Although it is not the same as an independent  quilt shop and you don’t get the service you would at one,  it is still exciting to see all the fabric!


I have been coveting this heavy weight, possibly canvas, home decor fabric. I adore the cheery colors and prints, which include cats, Scotty dogs, and tea cups as well as various florals.


And I am behind in updating you on my Granny Square blocks, but today I am just going to share half of the new ones, if not it will be a bit overload. From each combination there are two blocks.




More next time. I  wish you all a great weekend!


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