Quilty Goals and Resolutions: Setting Deadlines

Well, only a few days remain before my husbands big four ‘0’ and so I am rushing to finish his quilt. The quilting is finished, but it remains to be bound and labeled.



I am eager to have it done so that I can start tackling the seemingly impossible tasks on my quilty goals list I wrote up last week in my post.

  1. Move all quilting and sewing supplies into the newly renovated basement room and set up a more professional sewing space.
  2. NSO- Return ‘not started object’ to owner by end of February.
  3. Quilt Guild Responsibilities: entries for quilt show and heart shaped pillows for breast cancer patients.

On Friday, the electrician will finally give the go ahead and do a final check on the new heating system in my new studio.  At the moment, the room is  a cold, white box, with beautiful flooring, but there is much that will be required to be done before I can officially move in and get settled.

  • The electrical work will need to be covered up and treated with a new lick of paint.
  • A new lighting fixture will need to be installed.
  • The windows washed and room cleaned of all dust.
  • All the furniture and supplies will need to be moved in.

I can only hope that this job will be completed by the end of March.

The not started object, is another story. A few years ago, a friend asked me to recover his back rest. At the time I was reluctant to take on the project, only having just learnt to sew and quilt, and now years later, I have just come to the point in which I have to say, enough is enough, I have to move on.

One day I hope I can make something to make it up to this person, but just not a backrest cover, something I know how to make and will find joy in making.

To achieve my third goal, fulfil my quilt guild responsibilities, I will need to:

  • Prepare the quilts I am going to show at our exhibition this year. I will need to make and attach a sleeve to each of them. The hanging rods will also need to be purchased, cut to size and drilled with holes.  I need to have them all finished by April 10th.
  • The heart pillows for the breast cancer patients, I plan to put that off until July when our guild has a summer break.
  • In May we will be having our exhibit and we have been asked by the Textile Museum in St. Gallen to give patchwork and quilting demonstrations on one Sunday of the month. So that will be a busy month.
Flyer for the Fifth Quilt Exhibit of the Halden Quilters


As there is a lot more to be said about my quilty word of the year I will leave that for it’s own post.

Until next time, happy quilting and crafting.


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