Addicted To The Alps: A New Series

Ever since my first visit to Switzerland, in the summer of 2000, my husband has been dragging me up mountains and on long hikes, all over Switzerland and occasionally in other European and non-European Alpine Areas.


Jodie, at Tierwis on Säntis hike, part of the way up.

The mountain in question that time was the Säntis mountain, the highest in the Alpstein Mountain range in Eastern Switzerland, a 2502 meters high mountain.

Being born and raised in Bermuda, this was new to me. I already loved to take long walks along the coastline and beaches in Bermuda,  but mountains?? Aside from a trip to Alaska’s Denali National Park at 16, I don’t think I had actually seen any mountains before.
Over the years,  we have evolved into being serious hikers, Yves more than I. Although he rarely uses mountain climbing equipment you could probably (in the grand scheme of things) call him a mountain climber, rather than hiker. Nevertheless, the lingo varies over here and is very specific, so he considers himself to be, simply a hiker.

Visit to Zermatt and the Matterhorn in sight.

In any case, hiking and exploring the alps is what my husband and I like to do together.

Monte Rosa Glacier from Gornergrat, Zermatt, Switzerland

There are occasions when we go off on our own ways, but nevertheless we are both happiest up in the mountains, away from the daily grind down in the ‘flatlands’ where we live.

Zermatt, Wallis, Switzerland

It was some years ago,  on one of our more gentler hikes in the wine region in Canton Graubünden, that this idea for a joint blog started to grow. I had the idea to name it Addicted to the Alps.
It would be our place to share our adventures …

‘Kistenbähnli’, Starkenbach, Toggenburg, Switzerland

and road trips, restaurant reviews as well as accomodation and sightseeing recommendations. And as we are also foodies, and enjoy cooking and baking, we will be sharing some of our own recipes from the Alpine regions we  are at home in and have visited on vacation.

Pizokel, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland

We are both passionate about writing and photography and so to share that with others, what we already do as a hobby, only seems natural.

Jodie & Yves Zollinger

We hope you will enjoy sharing with us a passion for the mountains, wide open vistas and the beauty that surrounds us here in the Alps ….

Gais, Appenzell, Switzerland

and abroad.

Grand Teton National Park and Mountain Range, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA


May this be a place to meet and find like minded people.
For further information on us you can visit our existing blogs:
  • Yves’ blog here where he will continue to post in German.
  • My Home Sweet Dreaming blog here where I will continue my lifestyle blog in English.