Quilt Show: St. Gallen Halden Quilters

5th Quilt Show of the Halden Quilters
1. to 29. May 2016
Opening Hours: 13.00 to 17:00
Location: Obvita St. Gallen, “Wohnen im Seniorienalter”
Bruggwaldstrasse 51
9008 St. Gallen
Bus Number 10 in Direction Abacus, get off at the bus stop  Bruggwald

Obvita St. Gallen (www.obvita.ch)
Quilts Displayed on the Ground Floor/ Cafeteria, 3. &  4. Floor and East Wing of the Ground Floor
Visitor parking available opposite the entrance (BESUCHER).
Info in German: Lilly Ammann, Tel. 071 288 31 27
Quilt in Post:
“Reichtum” (“Abundance”)
Designed,  maschine pieced and quilted by Martha Daugaard

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