April – Quilt and Creative Wrap Up

Well April is officially over. But before I can start off May I would like to go over a few of my quilt related endeavours as well as a few of my creative adventures. Consider this a little newsletter of what I have been up to this month.

Jodie’s Spring Sampler Quilt 

Block # 8: Disappearing 4 patch block 


Block #9 Benicia Block


Block #10: Mug Block 


Block #11: Prairie Flower Tulip Block 



Creative Shop Hop

In addition to my quilty adventures, I also went on a few short and sweet creative adventures to some of my favorite shops.

First of all was my visit to:

Querbeet -Flor & Glor (Au, St. Gallen)

You can visit their website here.


Located in the Rhein Valley, on the border of Austria, is the little town of Au. This is where I once discovered this lovely little flower and gift shop. It sells everything from flowers and gardening paraphernalia, to speciality foods and housewares. I especially like all the candle holders, pottery and quilts, but it is trully a treasure trove filled with all sorts of bits and bobs.


Stephanshorn Klinik

My mother in law introduced me to this little gift shop in the hospital by us. It sells flower arrangements as well as some flea market finds.


It always has the prettiest arrangements and displays.

Finally, my last creative adventure was a cooking experiment. My husband and I recently started this little challenge to ourselves that we tried out some time ago. Because we can sometimes be, such unadventurous cooks , we invented this little challenge.
Each week, one of us will make a surprise meal for the other. We rotate the cook, so that each of us cooks two surprise meals a month.  The meal however has to be a well rounded meal, with meat, vegetables and a side,  and it has to be a recipe we’ve never made before.
One meal I decided to make was the Swiss specialty ‘Capuns’, which is a specialty from canton Graubünden.
Capuns are dumplings (flour, milk and water) together with a local bacon like cured meat, called ‘Salziz’, fried together with onions. The dumpling mixture is then wrapped in lightly cooked Swiss Chard leaves. They are then cooked in broth before serving, where they are sprinkled with cheese or (my favorite) covered in a light cream sauce.
I used a Swiss German recipe from one of my cook books but you can see an English version of this traditional dish here.
 Both my husband and I were very surprised that they came out so delicious. Of course they are far from as perfect as my favorite restaurant in St. Antönien, Hotel Rätia. But it’s a start. Next time I will follow a recipe for the sauce instead of the combination of butter and cheese, as I did here.  In any case this is a special meal, only made on special occasions as it can be tedious working with the cooked, wet leaves.
So that is all for my wrap up. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and if you have read all the way to the end, well thank you! It means a lot. Please leave a comment if you have the chance! Thank you and I wish you a very happy May, filled with lots of creative joy!

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