Windy Days Quilt

Back in March I started the Windy Days Quilt, which is a free pattern from Moda Bakeshop. It is designed by Sarah Meyer of Sarah B Designs and is an easy to follow beginner quilt pattern. It is actually my second time sewing this quilt, as this pattern I used for my second quilt some years ago. You can see that blue and white, Windmill Quilt here.

As I gave that blue and white version to my mother, I didn’t think it to wrong to make a second version of this quilt. After all I love pinwheels and I just haven’t found a better, free pattern since discovering it. The size is perfect if you want a quick project. At 35.5 X 35. 5 inches it makes a great baby quilt or a wall hanging. Mine will be hung on the wall.

Usually I hand quilt all my quilts. For this quilt I wasn’t sure what to do with the quilting, if I should follow the squiggles on the background fabric, which would have been an endless task.  But after discovering the needles in my local quilt shop,  I decided to give big stitch quilting a try. One of the ladies working there suggested I big stitch quilt around the pinwheels, and that that would be enough. As it was my first time I chose cream thread, so that the stitches would disappear against the fabric, (just in case my stitches were a disaster).

I started off, marking lines with a hera marker but got lazy and ended up eyeballing it for the rest of the quilt. I would recommend not doing that, as it is not so easy to wing it. Next time I will mark and measure.

In any case it took me 9 days to finish big stitch quilting it. I couldn’t believe how quickly it could be done. I will definitely try this method again.

Last weekend, after binding my quilt, we took the quilt on one of our little hikes so it could be photographed.





We took it to Berneck in the Rhein valley and photographed it amongst the vineyards, which were just greening up. 




Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture the hand quilting so easily.





To get Sarah Meyer’s Windy Days Quilt pattern go to the Moda Bakeshop website here.

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or comments I  would love to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! It was such a nice surprise to stumble across your blog tonight and your two beautiful versions of the Windy Days pattern! I’m so happy you have enjoyed it and your versions are lovely!

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