Country Quilt Show, Alsace 2017

For the next post in this series, about the quilt show recently held in Alsace, France, I will share with you the quilts from the Val Patch, France’s exhibit “Home”. (See previous posts for more details on this event.)

This exhibit, which was held in the reformed Temple, focused on contemporary quilts with the theme of houses as well as quilts responding to the year challenge: patchwork inspired by the “la Fontaine’s Fables”. 

All of the following quilts were made in France in 2017.

1 ) “My Country Kitchen” Géraldine Augusto

2) “Coquelicot” Monique Marchal

3) “Herbarium” Claudine Kachelhoffer

4) “My Family” Gabrielle Haas

5) ” Friends of the Forest” Géraldine Augusto

6) “Moonlit Night” Marthe Tugler

7) “Summer in the Country” Marlyse Bouvier

8) ” The Family” Christiane Uhl

9) “My Box of Scraps” by Géraldine Augusto

10) “The Animals of the forest” Gabrielle Haas

Well I guess you can guess from the pictures, what my favorite quilt was! And I hope you enjoyed this post and that it has given you some creative inspiration. 

I wish you a great week! 


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