Feast for the Eyes: Restaurant Treichli

“Augenschmaus” is the German word which means ‘feast for the eyes’. When I was trying to choose a title for this post, that is the only word that came to mind, and you will see why. (I am currently studying German and am very much in the German mode.) So yesterday, we finished our Christmas shopping, and had just picked up my machine from Bernina which was being repaired. After carrying all my heavy bags back to the car I was exhausted and just a little hungry. So, I suggested that we try out my favorite restaurant. (I had only been there once, but despite the fact that I had only had brunch there, was quick to fall in love.)

'Restaurant Treichli' CH-9405 Wienacht-Tobel Canton St. Gallen
‘Restaurant Treichli’
CH-9405 Wienacht-Tobel Canton St. Gallen

2013-12-20 12.08.04 2013-12-20 12.07.30 2013-12-20 12.07.54 2013-12-20 12.08.15 2013-12-20 12.07.17 2013-12-20 12.09.16 2013-12-20 12.09.08 2013-12-20 12.08.58 2013-12-20 12.09.40

Even the toilet cubicle was pretty!
Even the toilet cubicle was pretty!

2013-12-20 12.18.43

Would love to have this cozy corner as my kitchen nook.
Would love to have this cozy corner as my kitchen nook.

2013-12-20 12.18.10 2013-12-20 12.17.41 2013-12-20 12.17.29 2013-12-20 12.17.17 2013-12-20 12.16.46 2013-12-20 12.16.37

And a little Mozart.
And a little Mozart.

2013-12-20 12.16.55

Well I wasn’t disappointed: the appetizer and meal were absolutely delicious, and with decent tea and delectable bread I was a goner!

'Poulet im Körbli' Chicken in a basket (their Signature Dish).
‘Poulet im Körbli’ Chicken in a basket (their Signature Dish).

That was Yves’ and now mine.

'Poulet Stroganoff mit Riz'  Chicken Stroganoff with Rice
‘Poulet Stroganoff mit Riz’ Chicken Stroganoff with Rice

Although it was raining and dreary outside, their views still managed to astound me. So enjoy a little ‘Augenschmaus’ from Restaurant Treichli!

As always I wish you,

Sweet Dreaming!


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  1. I love when places decorate so nicely! My house has little decorations for Christmas this year, but I can’t stop thinking about having real candles on a Christmas tree. I’ve only ever seen it at your house. We have a. Very small Christmas tree, it’s a table top one. It looks very sweet and traditional, holly berry a frosted tips on the branches, the when you plug it in … Out pops the surprise! Fiber optic stands of lights means the tree becomes an array of neon lights! I have not plugged it in this year, I’m leaving it as it is. Then outside I put a little wreath by our outside light, but the palm tree leaves hide it so it’s also a little surprise!
    Love you!


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