Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year y’all!

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve and relaxing day recuperating from the festivities.

Last night we had dinner at our friends’ place and it was a lovely, but long night, too long for this morning person!  How I survived ‘till midnight, without falling asleep, I still don’t know. (Not that you could sleep with a house full of kids, I’m hoarse from trying to talk over the noise. )

The calm before the storm.
The calm before the storm.
Our Hostess, is always so crafty and her house is beautiful.  (For a modern house of course.)
Our Hostess, is always so crafty and her house is beautiful.
The Chimney Sweep is a symbol for luck here in Switzerland. Cute huh?
The Chimney Sweep is a symbol for luck here in Switzerland. Cute huh?
Apéro of course!
Apéro first of course!
Raclette Cheese and sides.
Raclette Cheese and sides.The usual 'culprits'.  The usual ‘culprits’.
Raclette ready to eat. Yum!!!
Raclette ready to eat. Yum!!!
Something for the guys.
Something for the guys.

Anyway this morning I got up bright and early, the usual 6 ish and finished cooking my pea soup. New Year’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without it. My granny Jean, was very superstitious and used to say that you weren’t going to have a good year unless you had a bowl of her pea soup.  It is in any case a Bermudian/ Moniz tradition and one I plan to keep up, here in Switzerland.

Last year, I used a recipe from the Canadian Bible Society’s 100th Celebration Cookbook (French Canadian Pea Soup- Montreal District), but as it left out a lot of things my mom puts in hers, I did some research online and was able to find a recipe from Lindo’s,(  a supermarket back home). You can check it out on my Pinterest page.

After Skyping my mom for her own version, I basically combined the two, to come up with something that resembles hers and my granny’s. I was pretty happy with it, only had to add salt (always forget). (Of course it would be a lot easier if my mom, would just write these things down! Not like the disaster where she left out a very important ingredient when she was telling me over the phone how to make her pancakes!!!)

I was so happy to make a traditionally Bermudian dish for this holiday season. It’s the only thing that I can make, since we don’t have farine or cassava here. As we don’t have big hams here for Christmas, I didn’t get to carry on the tradition of recycling the ham bone or use the nice leftover ham. Instead I used a couple of ham hocks which had a bit of ham on them, but it was still delicious.


My Beeswax Candles that I made for Yves last Christmas.
My Beeswax Candles that I made for Yves last Christmas.
Bermudian Pea Soup (split green or yellow peas)
Bermudian Pea Soup (split green or yellow peas)
Dessert: Yves' godson decorated this cute little box for him for Christmas.
Dessert: Yves’ godson decorated this cute little box for him for Christmas.

Aside from the soup, I’ve just been enjoying the last of the holidays with Yves, and my family back in Bermuda (over Skype). Yves and I have been watching Heartland again, while I tackle more hand quilting.

More on that when I’ve fully recovered from the holidays!!!

Have a great day and a terrific 2014!

Sweet Dreaming,


P.S. Hope you enjoy my impressions of my New Year’s Eve and Day!

P.P.S Sorry for rambling again, and sorry I didn’t get to edit this very long post!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s!

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  1. Stop apologizing people read and look at this because we are interested in what you have to say and your muse of the beautiful home you have… And the quilts and craftiness you come up with!

    I love the comments under your pictures and the beeswax candles you told me about!

    Our Christmas was eventful, New Years as well, as opposed to last year when I had to be woken up by Alex’s neice and nephew to try n catch the fireworks! This year I made it to midnight and I was SO grateful when Alex said, do you want to go home in a few minutes ( that was after one pm) but atleast we had a beautiful day off yesterday with a happy walk through the trails by the oil docks at ferry point park.

    You and your camera would have loved it


    1. Oh Robs, I’m so glad I gave into the impulse and checked this comment. I was trying to not blog today, but it didn’t work. Just went on to upload something new and saw this. You are the best, you know! Thank you for your encouragement. The beeswax candles are great and got me obsessed again with candles, check my pinterest there are colored beeswax there, my goal this year is to use the candle making stuff I bought a few years ago. Oh Jess told me yesterday you are going to have a little art exhibit. Keep me up to date!! You are supposed to show your mom how to hook up her smart tv so we can all skype. I want to do a sew a long on skype with your mom, my mom and the Tilda dolls that we all planned to do.

      Oh I loved the fireworks we had here, by our friends we didn’t have any because they only do them on Swiss Day but the rest of Mörschwil was smoked up, literally the length of the street where the village shop is.

      I thought of the year we had the volcano firework when you came and said next year we’re definitely going to do it. Maybe it would have given us all something to do while we were waiting between the time we finished dinner and the time we left.


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