Egg Fried Rice: A Cooking Experiment

When you are trying to experiment for a cooking post, the time you take to make the recipe inevitably multiplies.

There are the photos to consider, the unknown territory, and of course the effects of a very hungry cook that can seem to ‘sabotage’ your goals to get a very simple recipe finished in the time the recipe states.

This morning I woke up, hungry, of course, to find very little in my fridge that would satisfy my growing need for a nice hot English style breakfast. So,  I look into my pantry, look into my fridge and low and behold there are the makings for Egg Fried Rice. I knew, I had made the recipe just a little while ago, and upon further inspection of my records, I could tell that it was a month to the day since I first opened the pages of this very underused German cookbook that I have had on my bookshelves for many years now, gathering dust. So I thought, perfect, time for a recipe post!

First, I dug out all the ingredients and started to prepare them:


4 Eggs


2  Shallots sliced (this is my amendment to the original)


50g Fresh or Frozen Green Peas


60 ml Oil (I used Rapeseed Oil)


200g uncooked rice, cooked ( I used Basmati)

Salt to taste

1)      Beat eggs with 1 Tbsp. of the shallots and some salt.


2)      Steam frozen peas for one minute.


3)      Heat Wok (I used a Dutch oven) and oil until very hot. Add eggs and stir.


4)      Before the egg completely sets, add rice, turn up heat, so that the grains of rice don’t stick together and the eggs are dispersed evenly.


5)      Add peas and remaining shallot, salt to taste.


6)      Continue to cook for 1 minute.

Well I still don’t know quite what went wrong but I guess it was the odd German layout of the recipe, which can trick you up if you don’t read it like 4 times before you start. (Ok and the fact that I was hungry and impatient.)

In any case, after the crisis with the uncooked rice, I managed to rescue the meal by steaming the whole concoction under a tinfoil cover, until all the rice was cooked, without overcooking the rest of the egg and shallots.


Luckily, I have a fancy stove that can react quickly to changes in commands.

In any case, having taken me a little longer than the first time; I still found me eating a nice, hot, tasty breakfast and had a little left over for a snack.


What more could a girl want.

Hope you enjoyed my adventures in cooking for today. Please share with me any of your own adventures, so I don’t feel so alone in my growing list of ‘Oh you are such an idiot’ moments. And if you don’t have any of those, then consider yourself lucky, and let me know your secret!


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  1. Did you get my comment? It was long

    And then it got erased I think!


    anyways the most exciting parts were …

    I figured out how to comment again as I thought the ability to comment had been taken away from me hahah

    And Cambridge beaches has a nude section!

    Love you!


    1. Oh are you saying I shouldn’t recommend Cambridge beaches!!
      Hee hee! Ok I wasn’t recommending anything except the location. I can’t speak because I’ve never stayed there. But thanks for pointing that out!!! So did you get my email??’
      Thanks for commenting again Robyn I missed your comments!! Big hugs and love,



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