Billions of Buttons

Last weekend, I began a big project. It started with this box.


It was a gift from Countryboy’s mother, who has her own stand at a local flea market. Because she has access to the flea market and lots of goodies people are trying to get rid of, she is often the bearer of little, and sometimes big, treasures.

This was more of the ‘little’ treasures kind, as inside, was something like a billion buttons, all different shapes, colors and materials, not to mention vintage. They may not all be beautiful and interesting, but rather most of them simply fulfilled their purpose.

As you can see my mother-in-law had already sorted them into these containers.


Nevertheless, it was still a daunting task (having taken me a few months to actually start the task). That was last Saturday.



And yesterday, I finally finished, and had them all packed away in these lovely jam jars that I’v been saving for years, with the notion to actually make my own jam. Well until then they look great in my sewing room, don’t you think?


I look forward to taking on the challenge to bring a new use and story to these little buttons’ lives. Although, I think I will be using them less for what they were originally intended for, and most probably not on my quilts; I am sure they will be ideal for little crafts and home decor projects.

I am so happy to reclaim my sewing table for actual sewing and to get that whole mess out of their!

DSC_0373 DSC_0372

Well I wish you a great weekend and get crafting!


4 thoughts on “Billions of Buttons

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  1. I love all those buttons!! I save jars, and containers and all sorts of things. Hoarding is probably in my blood, but purposeful hoarding,and I know you know what I mean. “Oh, I can keep this… it will be good for SOMETHING” hahah

    This summer, my project is to clear out my cupboards!


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