Earl Grey Tea and Red Currant Loaf Cake

Well I was out picking berries again today from my bush in the garden.


I just can’t resist taking photos of them, so plump and juicy looking. Aren’t they so lovely??

But what is better than looking at them? Eating them of course.

So I decided to try another currant recipe today, this time a Pinterest find. I found it on a great Polish food blog, which has beautiful photography. No I don’t speak Polish but the couple (Tomasz and Agnieszka) were nice enough to translate the recipe,  which is done decently enough, so that I could easily follow it. If you want to try this recipe for yourself you can click on their website, here, and scroll about half way down, where they provide the English version.

I mostly followed it quite accurately, but when I got to the tea part, (2 tea bags) I decided to try some of the fancy loose leaf tea, that I have but never use, and so substituted the two bags with 4 grams of loose-leaf tea in total.


I think next time I will double that amount as I wasn’t sure I actually tasted the tea (which is a shame), but that might be dueto  short-term memory loss. Maybe I will try just try one more piece to see if I notice!

For this cake, I thought, it wasn’t something to be rushed, so I decided to give it the special treatment it looked like it deserved.

So I took out my best linens and set the table for tea…


and cake..




The result was a lovely sweet, moist cake, which was perfect for afternoon tea!

Try it, I think you won’t be disappointed! This is for sure my favorite currant recipe so far!!

What about you? Do you have any recipes (sweet or savory) which use these lovely summer berries? If so let me know, because I still have some berries left on my bush, ripe for the picking!





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