A Little Garden Tour Through My Village

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I took a walk down to the village bakery to pick up some things for lunch: a lovely long stick loaf of ‘Bergwurzelbrot’as well as some fresh free-range eggs and butter. ‘Bergwurzelbrot’  is basically a very rustic multi-grain loaf, with lovely seeds all over it, the perfect accompaniment to soups or stews.

Although the  path down in to the village is a mere 5 or 10 minute walk at most, I took the long route and enjoyed a little peak into all the flowering gardens, along the way.  I think you will agree with m that they are looking gorgeous. It must be because of all the rain we have had here.

So come along for a little walk with me and enjoy just some of the little delights that await you on a walk through my beautiful village here in Eastern Switzerland.




I love these beautiful free-range chickens. And yes, I did check,  the one laying in the grass, is I only sleeping, as I did see him breathing regularly.  So no worries, she is just taking a little nap (at least I think she is!).


The baker has been busy baking lots of bread and making lots of (excuse the silly ‘pun’)  dough, so they were able to recently renovate this old house down in the village. This is only the back.  In the front of it is the bakery.

And on my return journey, the flower show begins again at the florists house, wpid-2014-08-20-11.38.18.jpg.jpeg





I think I have to have these! They are just the most gorgeous and unusual shade of pink.


She really squeezes everything in that she possibly can.

And onto two of the most historical houses in my village.




I absolutely adore this relatively formal layout. It is so small and yet makes such an impact.



And this house is the village museum.


Back up the hill in my own neighborhood, I stop to admire one of the ladies pet quails. They are actually very beautiful, delicate little birds, but as I am only using my cell here, they are difficult to make out.


You can see them huddled together in the cage in the center of the photo.

So that is all that I have for you today! Tomorrow I have some more Ikea photos to share with you for Fabric Friday! Hope you will return for a peek!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this post.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for reading!


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  1. I love this post! A walk through your village is a perfect thing for us over here in Bermuda! I love it 🙂 One day I’ll be back!


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