Fabric Friday: IKEA Decor Fabric

Hello my dear bloggers and readers,

as I’ve been promising, here we are with a little fabric fun to celebrate that lovely day of the week: FRIDAY! Tomorrow we can all (hopefully) enjoy a little break from our normal work week duties and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

While I usually share with you in my Friday posts my obsession with quilting cottons, today I have something for all those who appreciate a little Home Sweet Dreaming. 

If I haven’t told you I am currently busy with a little summer cleaning spree, reorganizing and home decorating, as well as trying to prepare my ‘Studio’ which usually is solely a creative work space, to be converted into a Guest Room ‘Studio’ for my parents who will be visiting for the month of September.

The Studio
The Living Room

So  last weekend’s trip to IKEA, (You can see my previous post on that here. ) wasn’t only used to buy office furniture but also to gain a little inspiration for window treatments, which I am in serious need of in just about every room in the house.

IKEA has a great textile department, including curtains, blinds, those modern panel curtains and a good selection of home decor fabric sold on the bolt. Ranging in price from  0.99-8.99 USD in the US and 1.95- 9.95 CHF in Switzerland, IKEA offers a range of fresh and fashionable designs for the home decorator or homemaker on a budget.

Stock varies from country to country and store to store so I would advise you  to see the website for your respective country before visiting your local store, as depending on where you live and the stock in your local store, you might decide it makes more sense to buy online rather than make the visit. Though of course, especially where fabrics are concerned, I would recommend you make the visit to a store’s brick and mortar shop if at all possible.

So let me reveal, my fabric finds which gave me a little inspiration for my own home.

First up:

Fabric A & B: My Favorites


I am traditional at heart and so this lovely, blue and white print with flowers and vines is a real winner. I haven’t bought any of these fabrics I am showing you but this print, I was able to buy as disposable napkins, so at least I have something of it until I am able to purchase the fabric.

The Blue and White Gingham is also another favorite of mine as, especially where curtains are concerned, you need a print or design that will last through all your design ‘phases’  and this is one that I feel certainly fulfills that criteria. This also comes in red:

Fabric C: Red Gingham



and another smaller print in grey:

Fabric D: Grey Gingham


Next up:

Fabric E & F: ‘Rosmarie’ White and Grey



Something a little more modern.

Then we have some stripes…

Fabric G: Blue, Beige and Grey Stripes


And  some beautiful botanicals …

Fabric H: ‘DORTHY’


Fabric I: ‘SISSELA’


Finally, the last one is something playful…

Fabric J: ‘TIDNY’


Well, that’s all I have for you today. If you would like more information about the fabrics shown here today you can go to the IKEA.com website or click on any of the respective links supplied throughout my post.

I hope you enjoyed this post and should you have any questions or comments, I would greatly appreciate them. Whether you are a fellow blogger or a family member or friend, all comments are considered equal, as I love to hear from all of you. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment at the end of this post feel free to send me an email. My email address is ebbenflowz@hotmail.com .

So until next time, keep Home Sweet Dreaming!



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  1. I’m desperate to buy some Fabric E & F: ‘Rosmarie’ White and Grey now that Ikea has stopped selling it here in Australia. Would you by any chance know where I could source any? Thank you in anticipation. Lydia


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