Halloween 2014

Halloween this year was a very special time for me.

As Halloween isn’t traditionally celebrated here in Switzerland, it usually passes by without much thought. But this year I was eager to decorate and share the ‘spirit’ of the season with our Swiss friends, who all have a lot of young children who would appreciate the event.


My husband also got into the Halloween mood when he brought home a bunch of pumpkins from one of the local farms.



They were the first pumpkins he had ever carved and I was really pleased with the result. Of course in typical Yves’ fashion, his love for horror films let his imagination get away from him.


I chose to spend my time decorating the house in as frugally a way as possible, purchasing merely a few pumpkins and material off the bolt.


I needed a tablecloth for my extended dining table which is about 2 1/2 meters.  I chose this rusty orange gingham fabric  to transform into an easy ‘no-sew’ tablecloth . The selvages had appealing naturally frayed edges, so all I had to do was to cut the raw edges with my pinking shears.


I bought enough for my kitchen table too.



The big night came, bringing with it lots of interesting witches, a bat and a few horror movie type costumes, as well as a few trick-or-treaters. The menu was simple: salad, pizza and homemade chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies (the latter made by me of course: the cookie queen).


Yves fired up our outdoor chimney, this is a photo I took of him busily stoking the fire. It was taken with out flash (I think), so it came out very ‘artsy’.


The ‘morning after’, was a bit like ‘the calm after the storm’ and gave me time to reflect on all the good things that went on, as well as the things I would like to do differently next time.

It was also a chance to enjoy the sight of all our beautiful gifts from our guests.

(In this photo, homemade/homegrown quince and grape jams and Elderflower syrup. I can’t wait to eat them!!)


And the simple beauty of this modern candle stick.


After all my fun, and in true Jodie fashion, it was time for a nice cup of tea…


and a little inspiration for the next party on my wish list.


Maybe Thanksgiving?

(But shhh! Don’t tell Yves. I think he has had enough of my ‘big ideas’ for the year. )

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