Christmas Inspiration in Stylish Zurich

Well yesterday I took a little ‘get-away’ to Zurich for the day, taking the opportunity for a nice lunch date with a friend, to catch up and indulge in the sights and sounds of Zurich.

I quickly reacquainted myself with the city, with a bit of quick sightseeing.

First stop, the Swiss National Museum which, when you get off the train, is right next to the platform,  and across the street. I visited the museum many years before but wanted to see if they might have any quilts or interesting textiles. ( It looks as though they have a gallery for Swiss homes and furnishings  on the first floor, so a possibility for the next Zurich trip.)



Using my combined, train and City Ticket for Zurich I was able to jump on the tram up to Albisriederplatz where I met my friend. We went to a nice local pub which she recommended.



I didn’t look much at the regular menu but was instantly lured by the seasonal flavors of this special that they were offering.


I would never really think of eating pumpkin, let alone in risotto, but I am glad I gave it a try, as it was delicious, They had seasoned it with a bit of fresh time, which blended surprisingly nicely with the flavors of the fish and pumpkin in the dish.

To my surprise they served me tea, as it is meant to be served!!


Next I had a little fun, all on my lonesome.  I love being around other creative people and people I love and care about,family and friends, but it is also lovely to have a bit of alone time, doing something totally out of your routine.

I especially love roaming around big cities and although, few would call Zurich big, it is very much a lively city, buzzing with interesting people, places and even a ‘few’ frivolous things. All the perfect ingredients for a Creative Date with ones’ self.

Although I am very much, in the fall mood, here at home, it was hard not to get in the spirit in Zurich.

In Zurich ‘Hauptbahnhof’ (Zurich Main Station), they had just set up the stands for the annual Christmas Market, where a few salespeople were already busy setting up their stalls.

After lunch, when I took the train to Paradeplatz, the home of the big Swiss Banks and Sprüngli, the renowned Confectioners and tea shop, I took the opportunity to stroll the length of ‘Bahnhofstrasse’ THE shopping address in the city.



Normally, I don’t spend too much time here, when I visit Zurich, as I simply don’t have the money to even ‘think’ about shops like Louis Vuitton or Gucci, but this time, I had to agree there was a lot of great inspiration to be had from a quick glance at their amazing window displays of the favorite shops of the  Jet Set.









(Ok I will admit I have a little fetish for ‘red’ and Burberry!)

But at long last, my feet took me to where my heart always wants to go in Zurich…


The Bookshop: Zurich’s address for English books, CD’s,select food items and quirky gifts. Although I can read books in German which are available back in St. Gallen, or even in the Orell Füssli in Zurich, there is nothing that compares with the atmosphere of The Bookshop. It has that remarkable feeling of a small corner bookstore, but a midst the bustle of the stylish city.

Of course my resolve, not to buy anything, didn’t last very long. After a half hour of browsing, and another of decision making , I was burden down with three DVD’s and a couple of novels. Luckily I talked myself out of the temptation of buying a box of beautiful ( and totally impossible to find normally in Switzerland) Christmas Crackers, along with various cookbooks, which I really found hard to resist.


Back on my way back to the train station, there was the normal touristy crowds, but not as stressful as usual. I took in all the gorgeous decor of a late autumn day, as well as the glitter of the quickly approaching Advent time.


An afternoon was certainly not enough to soak it all in, I will certainly be back soon!

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