November Wrap Up

Well I had been avoiding the urge to get into the Christmas decorating spirit since before Halloween, when the first Christmas chocolates and decorations hit the shops.  But last week it was just too difficult to resist.

I spent three days on the road, getting some decorations for my entrance way sorted, but I am not completely finished with that, so you will have to wait on the pictures.

One place I went that was really special was. Hongler Kerzen (Hongler Candles) in Altstätten, Canton St. Gallen.

Hongler Kerzen, Altstätten, SG

My Friend and I had a great time looking at all the unusually shaped candles and candle holders, that they offered in their factory store.  Their Christmas display was amazing and made me a bit nostalgic for a little bit of Christmas bling. All the inspiration made me eager to finally try my hand at making my own, at home.




Hongler offer a number of workshops for children and adults, which I hope to go back for, one day.

In any case if you are in the area and like candles or candle making, I am sure you will enjoy a visit to their factory store. You can go to the Hongler Kerzen website by clicking here, where you will find detailed information on their products as well as directions and their opening hours .

Afterwards, we took a quick walk around Altstätten, which has a lot of lovely little shops and a lot of history.




For further information on Altstätten,you can go to the Swiss Tourist boards website here.

Mörschwil, SG

Recently, I’ve been trying to get out and about on my bike more, before the snow comes and puts and end to it. So on Friday I took my bike and went down into my village to mail the first of my Christmas mail. As the days are getting shorter and shorter, I could enjoy a bit of the lights in the village, and take a cruise through a few neighborhoods to enjoy the lights of people who are far more organized than I am, with regards to Christmas decorating.



Family Celebration in Germany


Yesterday, was Yves’ granny’s birthday, so we went up to visit her and the family, for the weekend. On Saturday we enjoyed a bit of catching up with them all:  his granny, aunt and uncle. At his aunt and uncle’s, we were treated to afternoon Kaffee (Coffee, for me tea of course), a delicious cake and dinner.


On Sunday, we had dinner at our hotel with Yves’ granny, which was so delicious I forgot to take photos!! Luckily I did take some photos at breakfast though…




Absolutely adored these dishes from Villeroy & Boch,


Ladenburg, Germany

Yves’ Granny, Aunt and Uncle live right outside of Heidelberg, but as it was the 1st of Advent, on Sunday, we decided not to go into Heidelberg, as it can be overcrowded during the Christmas season, and so parking is difficult. Instead, we chose to explore a little town which Yves’ aunt had once recommended we visit.


Even in the worst weather possible, which was the foggy, near freezing temperatures which plagued us all weekend, we could see that Ladenburg was definitely worth a second visit.





Well I hope everyone had a good start to the week, Wishing you all a joyful season of creativity!


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