Alpine Dreaming

Last weekend Countryboy and I decided to leave behind the foggy, depressing weather of the Lake Constance region for some fresh air and sunshine up in the mountains.  This time, our destination was Palfries in Canton St. Gallen overlooking the Swiss Rhein Valley, on the boarder of Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

The drive up to the mountains was more adventurous than the walk itself, but it was all worth it for what awaited us when we broke through the tree line. My ‘patience’ (during the drive) was rewarded with views as far as the eye can see, and lots of glorious sunshine!!!




The area was blissfully quiet at this time of the year . As it was the off-season we couldn’t visit the popular Berggasthaus Palfries to recharge our batteries and so we had brought along our own picnic.


Berggasthaus Palfries (Restaurant) Go to their website here.

For me, crunchy Peanut Butter and Red Currant Jam sandwiches on delicious “Zopf” (Challah) the traditional ‘Sunday’ bread here in our region of Switzerland.



The only flora at this time of year: Thistles.

The hike was amazing, and blissfully easy in comparison to what my husband usually has in store for me. Something more like what these poor folk were up to.




I just love these slate walls which divide the landscape.



After soaking up all that sunshine, I really wanted to just curl up in one of the mountain huts, and stare out the windows the whole day while sitting in front of a roaring fire.102_1600



But unfortunately, had to return to civilization and get warmed up, with a nice cup of tea for me and a Sauser (young wine- the grape version of cider, except sweet, yum ) for Yves.


Well I wish you all a sunny weekend!



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