St. Gallen Antiques Fair

Last week I went to my my first Antiques Fair here in St. Gallen. I have always appreciated old books, furniture and tableware and wishful thinking lead me to hope that I might even come across some antique quilts. Of course this event held in the ‘OLMA’ exhibition center,  turned out to only be a regional fair, so there was no luck on that front. Nevertheless, there was still a lot of interesting things to discover, so much that it was just a tad bit overwhelming.

wpid-2015-03-06-14.17.00.jpg.jpegI couldn’t resist a pic of these mother and daughter matching prams, the real one somehow reminds me of a herse.


Then, being Switzerland of course there was some old skiing/hiking equipment


and cow bells.

wpid-2015-03-06-14.29.40.jpg.jpegAnd a lovely clock.

wpid-2015-03-06-14.20.54.jpg.jpegI could’t believe this little toy stove, complete  with it’s own set of copper cookware.


Or this traditional Appenzell barn, just like the life size ones that are still a part of the Appenzell countryside.


With St. Gallen’s history in textile, lace and embroidery there was certainly enough of that to find. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get up close to the samplers at the back!


wpid-2015-03-06-14.35.49.jpg.jpegOne thing I have started to collect is pretty cookie tins. This one was gorgeous, with the bee hive on it, but at 90 Swiss Francs, a bit out of budget!


And these  baking tins were very tempting,  but again so expensive.

wpid-2015-03-06-14.52.55.jpg.jpegLots of lovely bits and bobs.


And finally some sewing supplies!




Well I may not have found any quilts or British tableware but it was still a lot of fun poking around in the past!