Back Home Quilt

Recently I have been trying to find my next quilt project, the problem is I want to  work from my stash, rather than spending more money on fabric. Back in October I had bought this lovely soft flannel fabric: bundles of strips, a couple of packs of 5″ squares and a pack of coordinating fat quarters. I had thought these would be the perfect fabric to make a ‘man quilt’ for my husband.


Woodsy prints in rusts, russet, beige, browns, greens and maroons. It was perfect. Only months later when I finally got around to using it, it was Spring not Fall and I was in the mood for bright and light pastels! “What was I thinking?!”  I kept asking myself.


A few months had passed and still I hadn’t felt so much as an ounce of interest in finally picking up this fabric and cutting into it. It was so bad that I even contemplated making a quilt for a homeless person, just to get it out of my house. But hubby insisted that it would make a lovely quilt, so on Sunday, we agreed on a quilt we both like, and I got started.

It is a a row by row sampler quilt, which gives me the opportunity to learn some new blocks and which I can work on a block at a time, whenever I feel the need to put aside my hand quilting on my Granny Squares quilt and get behind my sewing machine.

The pattern is is called “Back Home” and is from the designers of My Red Door Designs (see their blog here). It is available on the Craftsy website here.

Well considering how reluctant I was to make this quilt, I have done more work on it this week, than my Granny Squares quilt, which is feeling just a tad neglected.

The first block was a large one: a flag.


Then came the five 8 inch Log Cabin blocks.

wpid-2015-03-20-13.42.05.jpg.jpegI have always loved this traditional block but thought it would be too complicated to make. Luckily it wasn’t and I really enjoyed putting them together. The most difficult thing was trying to choose which fabric to use in each one.

With those done, I am looking forward to learning how to make the next block.





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