My Creative Inspiration: Week of April 13, 2015

Today I had a hard time trying to come up with how I would approach this post.

I knew I wanted to use up all the unused, decent, photos that I had taken last week, but how was I supposed to make all those little moments, that didn’t fit into any of  last weeks posts and put them all into a single post? These were simply snapshots of my life, but why would you be interested in these seemingly insignificant moments.

Nevertheless,  the reason I  blog is because I love sharing  my photos and thoughts about those little moments that are special to me.

Then the idea came to me. I thought, maybe I could do a little post or series each week, called “My Creative Inspiration”.

So here it goes, a week communicated in photos and words!



I went on a lot of early morning walks which took me past this little shop (seen here in an earlier post). On this occasion I couldn’t resist just a few little pictures.


 I just love the varying textures ‘juxtaposed’ in this wreath, especially the chunky old key and the delicate softness of the spotted feathers.wpid-2015-04-17-08.33.33.jpg.jpeg


I love the little bird cages, especially the sea foam colored one.

These Azaleas on Seeblickstrasse  were simply to die for. Reminding me of the cotton candy I would eat maybe once a year at the Agricultural Exhibition, a Bermudian tradition, similar to a county fair I suppose.


Stoffladen Walser, Engelburg, SG, Switzerland

On Friday I visited this factory store with a friend who was starting a garment sewing project. I had heard about the store from a friend and boy was I blown away. Quite something different from a quilt shop, it was in a light, modern industrial building.  It had long beautiful rolls of quality textiles, including some Patchwork cottons which I was pleasantly surprised to see.

Outside they were using this old Phoenix sewing machine table for their decorations. I love when people utilize objects in surprising ways.


Last night I made a Bacon and Potato Hotpot casserole. It was very much an ‘experiment’, but I enjoyed the creative process of trying to use up items in my pantry rather than going by the recipe.


Last week was my birthday and so I was the happy receiver of this gorgeous flower basket. I am so cheered every time I see it in front of my door.


Jewels of water


Alya Stoffe & Mercerie– Rorschach

Last week I visited another fabric shop, on my way to the grocery store. I had never been there before and so I was pleasantly surprised to find some patchwork fabric. Although I found something I liked I decided to take some inspiration with me (pattern book) rather than add to my ever growing stash, which I don’t have time to work on right now. I also bought a second chalk pencil with different colored chalk than I already have. I think I will be able to use the silver on my quilt.


Hope you too could benefit from a bit of colorful inspiration.

Wishing you a great day,


7 thoughts on “My Creative Inspiration: Week of April 13, 2015

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  1. I can see why you find inspiration in these, beauty really is all around us but most times we’re “too busy” to notice. I really like the decor outside of the fabric/garment shop. Looks like they balance old tradition with modern styles.


    1. Exactly, that is why I love Instagram so much now. It allows me to just take … and notice! To open up my eyes and wow just be joyful in the little things in life.


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