My Creative Inspiration

Last week I started this little series on a selection of images that inspired me throughout the  previous week . 

So here it is, my week in images and words.

My Garden of Goodness

In an effort to make the most of my spring blooms in the garden, I made this impromptu arrangement which I put in a large Yankee Candle glass.

After discovering that I am allergic to cherry, the flowers were quickly banished from the bedroom, to be distributed to a place in the garden the next day.


Like a Child

Last Wednesday, I went out for a bike ride with a friend. This shot was cause for me to almost have an accident.


St. Galler Flower Market

Every Saturday in St. Gallen you can find the flower market tucked away in a corner of the market square, behind the Marktplatz Restaurant. It is a true feast for the eyes, with groups of zinc buckets  filled to the brim with color and textures. Species from around the world gather here to be taken home, and put lovingly into pretty vases and arrangements.

First up my ‘best in show’.








I am sorry, if I have shared these already on my Instagram feed, but they were just so gorgeous I had to share them again.


Potted herbs like Thyme and Oregano can also be found here, ready to be set on the roof top gardens of St. Gallen’s old town or arranged on balconies overlooking the lake.

Home Sweet Sunday

Last week we had our house constantly full of builders, so when Saturday and Sunday came around, I was glad to have the house just to ourselves, working on a creative project (see this post) as well as my hand quilting which had been neglected over the last week.

I made pizza again using that incredible sauce I tried last week from Ashley at Kitchen Meets Girl see recipe here 



This wine we had for dinner on both nights, a very special bottle, was absolutely a treat for the taste buds, a must if you like an easy going red with hints of berries.


This version of mine was covered with a layer of thinly sliced purple spring onions, piled on top of, by big brown mushrooms (for me, not Hubby) and locally made mozzarella cheese.

I really can’t get enough of this kind of half-homemade pizza. One day I will try making my own crust as I am totally won over on homemade pizza. What a versatile, quick and easy way to feed your family.


I had to share this photo of Sheepy because I just loved my time, quilting with him, watching a funny movie with Hubby and quilting my heart out. Life must be pretty good, if you can get all these lovely delights while sitting in the sunshine, enjoying this beautiful view of this Japanese cherry.

On Saturday, my husband got himself a Nikon upgrade. This meant that  I got his amazing camera and lens! I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally get my hands on that baby, for good!! Both Saturday and Sunday evening we spent, walking around our neighborhood and up in the fields near our house taking photos.




One of my favorite views from my house, is the sight of these trees all in a row. Whatever the season, I love to see them cast in the evening sunshine as I look out from my living room window. I have been trying to capture them up close, forever,  but I can never seem to get the light right. Probably I should try the morning – not the evening light!


Both upper and lower shots are the scenes I take in every time I leave my front gate to get on the main road, and they are the reason that I remain living in the suburbs.


We met these cute fellas along the way through the Schloss Watt farm estate.






Well I hope this little journey, like the others I have taken this week, whether it be in my village or in town,  has inspired you to take one in your own neck of the woods, armed with a camera and an open mind, to help you see what simple goodness lives right on your doorstep.

If you read this post this far, thank you! I would love to hear your thoughts on it and your own sources of weekly inspiration.


6 thoughts on “My Creative Inspiration

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  1. On Jodie’s, what a beautiful post! Your photos are wonderful, particularly the flowers and scenery – thank you. Your little sheepie is so cute – he’s so kind to help you out with your sewing :). What a shame you’re allergic to the cherry, the vase looked so gorgeous and make a great header for your post.


    1. Oh thank you so much Meredithe! The post took days of downloading and uploading from both my Camera and phone, the writing and admin with WP. Now you won’t hear anything from me for a week! If only it wasn’t so pretty outside right now!!


  2. Jodie this post is so gorgeous! So many lovely photo’s! I love your little outdoor Bistro set, especially with the posy of flowers on it – all the colours compliment each other! What an incredible flower market you have near by! I am very jealous of that! You have put your Nikon to good use and I look forward to seeing more photo’s! 🙂


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