In Inspiration’s Garden

A few days ago I woke up in a bit of a ‘state’.  As soon as the alarm went off, the temporary peacefulness that a good night’s sleep had offered me, was immediately shattered. It was replaced by the drone of, all the tasks that needed to be completed, competing for my attention, begging me to prioritize them. Only, I didn’t know where to start, nor if I had the motivation to tackle any of them.

Despite the fact that I had only been home for 4 days, I had already made too many commitments and they were beginning to overwhelm me. But before I could get started with those fun projects, I really needed to simply clean and tidy my house which I hadn’t touched for over two months.


But it wasn’t going to be that simple. The night before, my husband and I discussed the issue that had been niggling my thoughts ever since I returned home from Bermuda: What should we do with our house next, now that the mini renovation was complete and the flood damage was cleaned up?

After a cup of tea and a session on the Houzz website, searching for ideas and inspiration it was time for breakfast.  I would definitely need something hearty if I was going to get anything done. With virtually nothing in the house, I decided to walk to the bakery to get some fresh bread, so I could make scrambled eggs on toast.

Dragging on my exercise clothes and sneakers, I grabbed my wallet, my smart phone and a handy tote and locked my door on my ever-increasing to-do list.

It was the first time I had been out in my village, since I returned from Bermuda. A few paces from my house, I spotted a neighbor’s rose bush hanging over the fence. I took out my phone snapping a picture, but before I could walk away I caught sight of some beautiful Hydrangea vying for my attention.  I couldn’t resist another photo, and before I knew it, a short 20 minute trip, home and back, was quickly turning into an hour-long adventure into photography Never Never Land.




From there I took the back path down into the village, following the Kindergarten children who were on their way to school, watching as they alternatively walked, chatting away to their classmates, and then ran along, trying to catch up with their flock.




As we approached one of the old village homes, our paths parted and I stopped to admire the old cottage garden that is one of my favorites here in the Mörschwil.




Further along I met up with some noisy geese, along with their feathered friend. (I wonder what it is?)








When I came to the old bakery and restaurant I couldn’t believe the transformation to its terrace over the last few months. The abundance of lush green foliage and flowers in pots which decorated their terrace and window boxes, was just begging for attention. It was early yet for the usual mix of women and workers on their mid morning break.





I felt so lucky to be able to live in this beautiful village, which despite its’ proximity to the big city had businesses like this which brought life into the community.

In the bakery I selected a simple whole wheat loaf, and packed it away in my little tote. After giving the women an “Auf Wiedersehen!” (goodbye) and “Ein Schönen Tag.” (Have a good day!) I continued on my way, following my usual circular route around the village center, which would take me back the same way I came.




As usual, the house on the corner had pots pouring out onto the little street.  It’s profusion of Hydrangea in a variety of shades mixed with an array of other seasonal plants, was too much for my creative heart to resist.






Stopping to admire the work of the florist who lived there, away flew my concerns about what to do with my house and in came the questions that had been plaguing me all summer: How would I make the life I envisioned for my husband and I work? How would I be able to sustain the lifestyle we already led, while further challenging myself creatively?  And most importantly, how would I earn a living? How could I earn a reliable source of income, so that I could pay for it all?




Higher up the lane, I was distracted once again. This time by a cow, who was eager to pose for me, showing off her unusual markings and her bell, which is typical neck adornment for grazing cattle here in Switzerland and other neighboring Alpine countries.




Continuing on I was reminded of the country lifestyle I dreamed of living in the mountains, enjoying the outdoors and the creative lifestyle I imagined for myself. But how would I finance it? What would I do? Would I need to go back to study, to do some sort of training?  But I would miss out on all the things I get to enjoy right now.


Then I realized that although I might need to train some new skills to make some quick money, that what I didn’t need right now, was to go back to school to train for a career I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy or be able to find a job in.


I also didn’t need to concern myself with the problem of how to convert our house into a forever home. I just needed to be content with the life I have now, and the house I have now as it structurally stands. I just need to get it sorted out and organized in a way that would work for us right now, and eventually decorated in a way that reflects who my husband and I are, our lifestyle and the lifestyle we crave.




This walk which had started as a simple way to get me fed, had evolved, not only into a well of inspiration for the post I just couldn’t get started, the first post after  a long absence, but also inspiration for the life I wanted, not only for myself and my family right now but also for our future. Most importantly it gave me hope and the will to start my day and tackle those tasks on my list one step at a time.

So if you are feeling in a bit of a rut today, just take a walk in your own little piece of heaven. Preferably somewhere you haven’t been in a while. It needn’t be a long walk, but I recommend that you take it alone, with only your thoughts and imagination for company.


I wish you as much pleasure and inspiration as I experienced!





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  1. I love this post. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m on my last two weeks of summer break and I’m entering crunch time for the long list of things I wanted to accomplish this summer. Priorities are where I’m at just now. I need to get the last of my papers written for my Masters. I was also asked to paint two shipping containers today for the Bermuda Rugby team, or something like that… so I’m looking for inspiration. Love you always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Robyn, and it is great to hear from you! I appreciate the support. Sometimes it can be so frustrating when you don’t get any feedback about your posts. That is so great about the container job. That should be a lot of fun and a great challenge (size). But good luck about all those last minute things to do before you are back at school, I know you can do it. Just think at all of what you will have accomplished once this Masters is finished!! I am so proud of you. Lots of love to you and Al, Yves and I had a ton of fun with you guys!

      I am so glad it all ended on a great note!

      Sending lots of love, inspiration and perseverance your way.


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