A Maker’s Spring

If you read my post, The Maker's Year, you may understand the name of this post and why I chose it (you can go and read that post here if you would like), if not let me quickly explain. I have joined a special year long challenge this year, a challenge that encourages me to... Continue Reading →

The Maker’s Year

Early this year, I came across this podcast from Kate on the A Playful Day Podcast. Kate is a maker, blogger and photographer as well as a single, stay at home mom, who lives in Dorset, England. She is young and hip and is interested in things like sustainability and cooking wholesome food. I was really... Continue Reading →


This year I am working to focus my life on what is most important, what brings me joy and pleasure, both personally and professionally. Quilting  Quilting is my passion.It is who I am, and it is my way of life; and so it fits into both of these categories; so well, that I sometimes do not... Continue Reading →

White Space

White space, it is something some people may have had enough of at this time of year, but my recent walk along this snow covered pond on the Philosopher's Valley Path outside of St. Gallen is not my inspiration for this post today.  It's my sewing room. Unfortunately, lately I have hardly used this room for... Continue Reading →

The Writing Life

Today's post for My Creative Inspiration is this painting which I saw on a visit to Cody, Wyoming (USA) last June. This painting which hangs/ hung in the Smithsonian museum there, is a painting of a pioneer woman as she sits in her covered wagon at the beginning of or during her journey. Ever since I first saw this painting, it stopped me in my tracks and I knew it would 'stay with me' for a very long time. Inspiring me to move forward in all of my 'pioneering' ideas. It would inspire me to follow my dreams, wherever they may lead me and to be creative, whether it is in my quilting or my writing, which is the subject I have decided to write about in this post today.

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