The Reveal: Yves’ Quilt

Before I start, let me explain that I am a little obsessed with quilting and documenting ones quilts, and I don’t just mean labelling your quilt.

On my last quilt, I began a small quilter’s log, to record how long it was taking me to hand quilt. Although I don’t always take the time, or remember to take the time to write in my log, I have mostly gotten into the habit of doing so, and I highly recommend it.

Jodie from the  Couch Quilts blog and I had been discussing the issue of labeling quilts, following my previous post, it certainly made me remember how much I had wanted to keep a detailed record of my quilts. But, how does one do this all on a label? It is simply too much. The person receiving the quilt is probably not interested in all that data.

Nevertheless, as this blog was originally intended to be a ‘diary’ of sorts for all my creative pursuits I thought here would be a good place to record the most necessary of details, that way I don’t misplace it so easily.

I found this interesting format suggested by Marcia Hohn on her blog Quilters Cache.

It certainly made me think of all the work and details that go into making a quilt. For me they are too detailed for putting on a label, but it is a nice place to start to get ideas of what I wanted to put on my labels in the future. Below are what I am calling ‘The Stats’ as suggested by Marcia Hohn.

The Stats:

Pattern name: Back Home Quilt

Pattern source: My Red Doors Designs via Craftsy

Name of the quilt: Yves’ Quilt

Date I started the quilt ca. March 15, 2015

Date I finished the quilt top: ca. December 1, 2015

Date I finished binding the quilt: February 22, 2016

Machine pieced and hand quilted entirely by me.

Label in progress.

Made in Mörschwil, canton St. Gallen, Switzerland

Made for my hubby Yves.

Size of quilt: Throw ca. 72 1/4″ x 53 1/4″ (Right Length: 71 1/4″ ; Left Length 72 1/4″; Top Width: 52 1/4″; Bottom Width: 53 1/4″).

Fabric Information: All Flannel, mostly from The Quilt Place in Nürensdorf, Switzerland. Moose Fabric: Lloyd’s & Barton for Timeless Treasures, Inc. One larger piece from Patch Fantasie in Luzern, Switzerland.

Batting Used: Quilter’s Dream Cotton Batting from The Quilt Place.

Now onto the fun part!

The Photo Session: 

Last Friday, February 26th, I decided to take advantage of the recent snow fall and shoot some photos of my quilt. Actually photographing it in the snow was perfect as it offered the perfect, neutral background which was seriously needed with all the dark busy flannel fabrics.

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I had a hungry little visitor then;  lets call him Cupcake since he has a predominently sweet tooth (I still don’t know his real name).

Anyway, after he had been treated to some of my leftover yogurt, I let him out.  Thinking he had gone on to someone elses house to beg.  But look who was still prowling around as soon as I decided to go outside and take pictures.

I couldn’t have imagined a better photo opp for dear Cupcake.


Back to my quilt.

As it was just me at home, I had to lay it on the ground. Before doing so I got one of my supermarket bought plastic table cloths and turned it plastic side down, to protect in from getting wet.

Once I layed out the delectably soft and warm goodness of the flannel quilt, it was only too tempting for this friendly feline. He had to come to inspect this new arrival. First came one paw…testing the waters…


…And then the other, and before I knew it he was getting all cozy!


That’s when the claws came out!


And before I knew it he was changing from nice Cupcake to nasty Devil’s Food Cake!


And that was the end of his career as a quilt model! I had to try to swat him away before finally succeeding.


As for my quilt, I am so happy to have it all finished, quilted and bound.


The backing I used was the same as that what I used for the sashing: a lovely creme tweedy flannel. I hand quilted these fall leaves in the border and the rest of the quilt was quilted in the ditch.

I wrote a journal entry about all that I had learnt from the making of this quilt somewhere, but it is far too long to be include here. Maybe once I am finished the label, I will write a more detailed post.

So stay tuned for updates.

Wishing you lots of creative moments in March!





9 thoughts on “The Reveal: Yves’ Quilt

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  1. OH my gosh! I laughed at this cat! I loved how you allowed the cat to sit on it, and the photos are GORGEOUS!! and then the cat pulls out the claws. Thanks for snapping the photo before swatting the cat away! What a beautiful gift for your husband. I love it!

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  2. Jodie, your husband’s quilt is beautiful! One of my favorite colors is brown. You must be so proud and Yves was surely thrilled to receive it. Personally, I would have freaked out when the cat’s claws appeared 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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