My Creative Inspiration: Hello March

At the beginning of the week when the calendar switched over to March, I was like woo hoo! So excited!

It was snowing and the world was good. I have been doing a lot this week, especially with my blog, making some physical changes to it, as you can probably see if you are not reading this in a reader.

I have been working on various posts, but they still need tweaking, so this week I decided to revisit one of my feature posts, well it can’t really be called a feature if there is such little writing, but in any case it is one of my favorite as I get to share with you my photos of the things that have been inspiring me, whether they are as insignificant as the snow flakes falling from the sky, as they are doing right now in my cozy little corner of Switzerland, or what is blooming in my garden right now.

I spend so much time of my day photographing the most ‘trivial’ of objects. Though I don’t know if I like what that word connotes. For me these are objects of my daily life,  and are anything but “of little value or importance”. They are elements of my day, which bring a smile to my face and joy to my life. They make me feel happy to be who I am, content in where I am,  and excited about where I am going.

So with no further ado, I give you My Creative Inspiration for the week of March 1-6.










This week I will not be adding any commentary on the photos, they are for your interpretation. But  just for your information, the locations of the photos are as follows:  the Church is in my sweet little village center, and the other photos are either at home, where I was most of the week, or in Zurich, where I made a quick visit to on Thursday.

Please, if you have enjoyed this post, or have any questions or comments for me (even constructive criticism), I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

On this I leave you and wish you a peaceful Sunday!


P.S. The photos were taken on two different sized mobile devices, hence the difference in size.


4 thoughts on “My Creative Inspiration: Hello March

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    1. Thanks Robyn, it was just with my mobile phone. It was in the Hyatt Park Hotel in Zurich. I think they change this exhibit, but I was just blown away!! Hence all the photos!!! Maybe I will go back with my real camera and try to get it from the other side. I will have to try to find out about the artist. Love you!


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