My Creative Inspiration: Week 10

The week started off with beautiful weather and my Halden Quilters monthly meeting on Monday.

I finally got a chance to photograph the wonderful quilt that the group, not including myself, made for the Halden Church where we hold our meetings.



The Halden Church  (seen in the block below) is an interfaith church, which explains all the different symbols used throughout the quilt. The ladies participated by creating their own blocks or using existing traditional blocks or patterns. The quilt was longarm quilted by one of the members.


Unfortunately the only thing I had my hand in was hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt as I only became a member last Spring when they had finished the blocks.

It was so thrilling to see it come together at this stage and I am still amazed at their skills and creativity used in this piece.


It is difficult to say what my favorite part is, as there is so much, but what I think deserves a huge round of applaus is how they, despite differences of opinion and taste, as is often the case with group projects, managed to pull all of their ideas, skills and creativity together to give the church such a gift.

It is spectacular, and the artist, who hand quilted this enormous quilt with such care and understanding for the quilts ‘story (for lack of a better word) is to be particularly congratulated, as she donated a good deal of her free time to this project.

But just a few more pictures, I can’t resist.


I hope my ladies, will let me write about their quilt and take some photos of them with the quilt and tell it’s story, but first I have to ask them.

Spring seems to have sprung here in my little corner of Switzerland, everything is blooming out in the garden, but the snow is still keeping us on our toes.


In my neighbors, beautifully manicured garden, I am reminded of my failure in that department and vow yet again, to get back in the gardening spirit this year.



Practically every morning this week, I have been up and awake to see the first rays of sunlight peaking through the woods, above our property.



I even got out for some beautiful walks, both in Mörschwil….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and yesterday with Yves, in Heiden.






Ok, so that is enough playing for today, I hope you enjoyed my post and were able to glean a few ideas and maybe even inspiration for your own future creative episodes.

So what kinds of things have been inspiring to you this last week? Leave a comment or send me a link to your own blog or instagram profile, if I am not already following you there.

So I hope you all have had a great Monday, or are in the process of doing so!

Till next time,


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