Inzlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Gorgeous weather was forcasted on Thursday and so my friend and I, having not ventured from our little village, for one of our road trips, decided it was time to get in the car and drive. Two hours later we found ourselves at the quilt shop I wrote about in my previous post, read about it here.

As I had travelled to the quilt shop before with my parents for a few days, I knew where to go as soon as our stomachs started to rumble.

Just up the street from my quilt shop, a short walk, is the border to Germany, where we originally drove from in order to get here. (Driving through Basel is only a headache, this way was much more peaceful).

The Hotel Krone in Inzlingen is a small, road side, business hotel, on the same street as the quilt shop. It is a little ‘Geheimtip’ (‘secret tip’ in German). One I want to share a little with you.

As always it’s beautifully decorated restaurant was a pleasure to the exhausted traveller.


I will have to dig up the old photos for a proper post of the hotel, for another time.


3 Course Menu at The Krone (35 EUR) 


Trying to stay seasonal I opted for the Asparagus Tiramisu, which was a cold mousse on bread.


Very sensitive to non asparagus eaters palate. Lovely presentation.


My main course was devine saltiamboca with a light beef sauce served with plain risotto and ratatouille. Pure Divinity, let me say.


Mrs. K’s main course was fish


I had a taste and that was delicious enough for even the pickiest of eaters. Simple but just melt in your mouth goodness, that was served on a bed of lovely ‘al dente’  cucumber (for lack of a better description).


As the meal, was more than adequate for lunchtime fare, the simple dessert was just the thing to send us on our way on the long drive home, happily satiated.


Rhubarb Sorbet with strawberries that had been soaked in something delicious.


Inzlingen itself is another little recommendation of mine, as it makes a great, affordable base if you are visiting Basel. It is a small town nestled in a narrow little valley North East of the center of Basel. It has an interesting past linking Basel and this little German town, but not much is available in English, you can however access the link on Wikipedia here. If you know German than this link will fill you in on it’s past here.

As I did with my parents, we stopped at moated castle, which lies at the center of this sleepy little village.


At the entrance to this open park is the explanation of the history of the  little village and castle.


The views were simply stunning, click on the photos to enlarge.

Along the brook that flows into the pond surrounding the castle, we were able to go Kneipping.

Kneipping is a type of water therapy which includes walking barefoot in cold water. This kind of therapy was discovered by Sebastian Kneipp a German priest from Bayern. This therapy is used to tread various ailments including, circulation issues as well as Bronchitis. You can read more on this medicinal treatment here.


For my friend and I we just needed a little adventure and a bit of a wake up before the long drive home.


After completing our walk along the easy path along the pond, we checked out the castles inner courtyard.



Inside the castle walls was a lovely little jewel. A restaurant and the city hall leading off of the beautifully peaceful courtyard.



I couldn’t help but wish I never had to leave. Wouldn’t this make a great location for a retreat?


But alas, it was time to go and end our little excursion to Riehen, Basel (CH) and Inzlingen (DE).



Well we hope you enjoyed our little visit to Inzlingen. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you. I wish you a great rest of the weekend. And lots of Creative Inspiration throughout next week.



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  1. That looks beautiful! I was at a quilt retreat this weekend and we were talking about a little road trip to Riehen – the castle would be a wonderful addition to a girls’ day out… Thanks for the recommendation

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lynne! I think you went to the quilt retreat I have been wanting to go to. How was it, was it with the lady in Geneva? Or was it in the UK? Also I think I just read in Mollie Makes mag that there is somewhere in Weil am Rhein (Rennemattenweg 1
      79576 Weil am Rhein – Haltingen) Looks like a great fabric store. Next time I am up there I will definitely check it out. Looks cute.


      1. Hi Jodie, it was indeed with Elita, she runs them twice a year, and the next one is in September. They’re brilliant fun! Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to one in the future. Will certainly check out that quilt shop. Not that I really need any more fabric….

        Liked by 1 person

  2. So beautiful! I really want to go to that castle but I haven’t managed it yet. Do you know whether it’s accessible with public transport? We don’t have a car right now.


    1. Hi Bev, thanks for stopping in to my blog. Basel must be a great little city to live in. I am jealous you live around there. I know from my last visit that there are trams to Riehen and I might have seen a bus in that town, but it would have been German. If you can use public transport to get close to the border you can walk over, it is really no stress. A nice little swiss hike. Let me know if you try it. I would love to hear about your experiences.


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