The Delft Quilt

As promised yesterday, here are some pictures of the quilt I am hand quilting now.

I finished basting it at the end of October and started quilting it on the 30th of October. I took it with me when I went to Bermuda in November and have done 1 and a bit lines. I am finding it hard trying to sit for very long quilting and do just a row or more of the baptist fan at a sitting, trying to pick it up a couple of times a day. If I am lucky I could do one fan every 2 days, now that I am back.

This is why I think I want to start another project, so that I have a little variety and get more quilty sewing done.

So here are the pics.

This morning I decided to move my quilting downstairs into the dining room where the sunlight was filtering in to.



And finally a little Christmas cheer:


Yesterday I began decorating. I used this little cupcake stand to make a little table tree which glitters so lovely in the sunshine.

So I wish you all a lovely weekend.




6 thoughts on “The Delft Quilt

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  1. Hi Jodie!

    Nice pictures of your quilt! I love it! I love your work area too, so nice with the sun coming through the windows.

    Good idea to have two or three projects going at the same time, so you have variety and don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over. I agree. Go for it!

    Do you celebarte Advent in Switzerland? In Germany, this Sunday it’s the 2nd Advent. The Christmas markets are all over the place. Unfortunately I had absolutely no time to venture out and visit even one.

    Have been working on my footnotes all week! I’m so sick of it. Want to get it done and behind me. It’s dragging me down.

    have a good weekend! Karolia


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    1. Hi Karolina, so good to hear from you. Yes we celebrate Advent here , though I don’t have a Kranz or the candles. Will try to get something for this weekend. Better late than never right? I would love to go to a Christmas market in Berlin. Maybe one day… Goodluck with your dissertation.


  2. I thought to myself, “That’s a cupcake stand, is it not?” and then I continued reading, lol. I love it when things can do double duty and look great while doing so! I won’t be decorating this year. It’s only me and my dogs and I don’t think they care, lol.

    I say I do greatly admire the genuine handwork you put into your quilts! I’ve been organizing, tidying up, my sewing room so I can get back in there. I have 2 custom quilts to finish and get mailed for a client! Yikes! So hard to believe we’re into December now!

    Jodie . . . .from CouchQuilts. . . 🙂 I should probably go do a post on there to touch bases with everyone. I’m not sure I’d remember my password to get on there though!

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    1. Dear Jodie,
      yes, I know how that is when you have been away from something for so long, remembering passwords I mean, but it really is not so hard and hey you are actually quilting so no problem there. I can’t believe you are selling your quilts, lucky you. I need to get into that. Just will have to switch to machine quilting!


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