The Delft Quilt

As promised yesterday, here are some pictures of the quilt I am hand quilting now.

I finished basting it at the end of October and started quilting it on the 30th of October. I took it with me when I went to Bermuda in November and have done 1 and a bit lines. I am finding it hard trying to sit for very long quilting and do just a row or more of the baptist fan at a sitting, trying to pick it up a couple of times a day. If I am lucky I could do one fan every 2 days, now that I am back.

This is why I think I want to start another project, so that I have a little variety and get more quilty sewing done.

So here are the pics.

This morning I decided to move my quilting downstairs into the dining room where the sunlight was filtering in to.



And finally a little Christmas cheer:


Yesterday I began decorating. I used this little cupcake stand to make a little table tree which glitters so lovely in the sunshine.

So I wish you all a lovely weekend.