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Wow, it has been a really long time since I last blogged. I haven’t touched my blog since the end of May. Yikes.  Half a year has passed, so what have I been up to? Well first the good part: a lot of holidays, some short long weekends and this last one in November was a long one to Bermuda.

Jungfraujoch, Bern and Bern city

Lauenen & Gstaad




Maienfeld20160917_133428.jpgSaas Fee


And last but not least, my island paradise:


Quilter’s Block: I was blocked. Maybe you are a quilter or maybe you’ve experienced this phenomena in another creative area of your life. It was not nice. From the time I finished all my quilt group responsibilities in May until the time I cancelled an Australian magazine project I was working on, but not making any progress, I was blocked, completely unable to get anything quilty done.

It wasn’t until June or July that I started preparing my fabric again to make a completely different quilt. I decided on something easy. Beginner easy. I was so convinced I didn’t have it in me to do anything more complicated: squares, no boarders, checker board pattern. But it was the fabric that saved the quilt, the fabric that brought me slowly back to life again, back to my quilting.

I must say I am not my 100% quilting maniac self again, however, but I am getting there. I had a breakthrough this week. The kind of breakthrough which sends you back into quilty  heaven, dreaming of your next project. I had just dragged out one of my quilts to curl up with on the sofa. I was trying to do my husband a favor and not curl up with his flannel quilt which is just so tempting at this time of year.

So I had just spread out the quilt over me, curling up in front of the TV to watch another Christmas Hallmark movie (yes I know cheesy-but I love them), when suddenly I began to admire my quilt. It is my best quilt, #4, the Granny Squares Quilt. Such a classic pattern. I love how it is so simple and yet with the fabrics I chose, looks classic, almost antique. I also am extremely proud of the hand quilting (I am not much of a machine quilter). But what stole my attention was the fabric. For a  moment I couldn’t believe I made this quilt. It was just perfect and each little piece telling a  story of who I am, as a quilter at least. Sure, some of the fabric, some may say, doesn’t really go together. But you don’t notice it much when you look at the quilt as a whole. Oh just talking about it makes me want to open my fabric drawers right now and start planning my next project. Organizing them is more what I need to do.

I am sorry I don’t have anything more for you at the moment to share but at least this one picture of the fabric for the quilt I am hand quilting. I will write and share more on that in a future post.


Ok the two modern prints, the wordy one and Kaffe Fasset print I took out.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, the unedited version. Please let me know what you are up to creatively, I love hearing from readers.