A Hike: Regitzer Spitz

Last weekend we drove down to canton Graubünden for one of our first major hikes of the season. We started near the Lichtenstein border in St. Luzisteig, which is a country pub, located not far from the beginning of the Graubünden wine region, not far from the military base.


There was such a beautiful garden there with lots of these flowers in both brick red and yellow. In German they are called Kaiserkrone (Fritillaria imperialis).


There was also this sweet little chapel.

It was such a gorgeous little corner of the canton, that I hardly wanted to leave. But alas, the mountains were calling, so off we went.



On the north face of Fläscher Berg (mountain) we encountered some snow, but nothing to worry about.




I just loved this little spot with all these ancient juniper trees, which have such interesting shapes.

DSC_0138 -



DSC_0136 -



Hubby kept pushing me on to get to our goal: The top of Regitzer Spitz (1135m) on Fläscher Berg.

It was certainly worth the 1 1/2 hour climb upwards through the forest. At the top we were met with this stunning view down on to the Rhein Valley and the mountains around us.




The view down onto the town and vineyards of Fläsch in the Graubünden wine region was quite special.


And the pops of gold, rapeseed fields, were just breathtaking.


It certainly was a lovely hike, which put me in the mood for a lot more exploring this spring and summer.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Have a great weekend! Ours is looking like we might be a bit snowed in!




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  1. WOW! Jodie these are beautiful!! What a cool thing!
    There was a lot of rapeseed in Scotland too. I think it was more wild though – I could be wrong because it’s been a while now. The colour is so vivid!

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