The All You Can Dream Buffet

Well it’s another rainy day here in Switzerland, but it’s not so bad, as I’ve been quilting away enjoying the lovely view of my hydrangeas, outside my windows.



I also read another chapter in the book I am currently reading: “The All You Can Dream Buffet” by Barbara O’Neal. (I am trying to savor rather than devour this one!)


You can click on the photo below to enlarge the synopsis of the book.


I bought it when I was book shopping in Denver. I was thoroughly enticed by the cover and thought it sounded interesting without realizing that I’ve read quite a few of Barbara O’Neal’s books before, and loved them. It wasn’t until I got back to Switzerland that I looked at the author’s name again, that I put the two together.

I’ve already, rated two of her books,  on the Good Reads website, where you can find other people’s reviews:

The Lost Recipe For Happiness:


The Secret of Everything:

I love the Good Reads website.  I especially love the fact that you don’ t just get to read reviews but also reviews by people you know and who are on your Facebook friends list.

Although I can’t give you a complete review right now, I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I’ve found it so difficult to find books lately that really speak to my interests and who I am right now, so I was really happy to finally come across this book.

I love books and movies about cooking and baking and this book not only has that but threw me a double whammy, including a western US road trip. The main setting, though, is a farm, located outside of McMinnville, Oregon.  (I keep telling my husband that I don’t know where he is going next, but I am going to the Pacific North West and Oregon is at the top of my to-do list.)

I love all the main characters in this book and find them all individual and authentic, each possessing different characteristics I can relate to. Even if the story line, didn’t circle around the common denominator between these characters, blogging, I am sure I would still enjoy it.

If you like the sound of this book, you can find more reviews on Good reads here

or purchase it on Amazon here .

What book(s) are you reading right now?  Do you have any foodie, ‘farmie’ or blogging favorites that you would recommend I read?



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