Restaurant Rebstock, Berg, SG, Switzerland

Last night, Yves and I went out to Restaurant Rebstock, in Berg, Canton St. Gallen. We had been looking for somewhere nice to go near home, and when the in-laws suggested it to us, we knew it would be a good contender, in our search to find our ‘Local’ go to.

I must say it has a very charming location, located in this little village tucked up in the hills above Lake Constance and right next to the church. It has a lovely terrace to sit out in the summer, which probably offers a beautiful view. Unfortunately we were there at night and it is November so I can only show you a peak inside.



It offered quirky and simplistic, modern interiors in the part we were in, and more ‘rustic’ in the other section near the kitchen.

And what is particularly important to mention is, its value for money. You get, what ever you order and pay for, plus some delicious anti-pasti while you wait…


Notice we ate all the black olives!


But this was to die for, cold roast beef sprinkled with some type of fancy salt.


Did I mention how delicious this was? Needless to say, we ate at least the half of it before our actual starters arrived.


I had this delicious filed salad with orange sectors and pomegranate and a very tangy dressing and Yves had the same but with the balsamic glazed duck, which was in the original offer,



Although they had a lot of yummy things like Pizokel dumplings with some exotic twist and Pork filet rapped in bacon and served with fresh Spätzli, and delicious sounding burgers and all sorts of other things, I went for the fried fish and salt potatoes, which is traditional for the area, also known as Fischknüsperli.  Sorry, but with the weather as damp and cold as it had been, I had been feeling a little yuck and so needed something simple, so unfortunately cannot see any of those other lovely things.

Must say it was the ideal place for an after work, date night in the middle of the week, where you just want to go somewhere nice and quiet and relax and have a good chat. The service was excellent and our waitress was very friendly.


Here’s a pic of Yves digging in. In any case we both enjoyed our meal and would certainly go back for another meal.

And because I had finally after many months, gotten my hair cut (reason for celebration on it’s own) here are some pics of that.


Went to this great place in my village (Mörschwil), where I finally found this great hair dresser, who I actually found ‘got’ me!  So I had her do my hair up in braids. It is so refreshing to find that I can go somewhere, beautiful, where you can  relax while you get your hair done, and not feel like you are torturing me. Great place La Perla in Mörschwil.



It is like a hair band holding back your hair, great if you want to wear your hair down, but need to keep it out of your face!

But what I absolutely loved was those braids!!! Oh if only I could do them myself.



If you would like information on Restaurant Rebstock you can go to their website here.

For further information on La Perla please click here.

I wish you all a great weekend!


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