Granny Square Quilt

Last weekend, with the sun shining and the temperatures soaring, my husband and I took a drive down to Toggenburg, one of my favorite areas to hike in Switzerland. But this time rather than doing any hiking, we  were able to get some pretty spectacular shots of the quilt I recently finished, so I can finally share it  with you.




I started this Granny Square Quilt last January, after falling in love with this version by Joleen Klassen of the Blue Elephant Stitches blog. The quilt pattern is available for free on the Moda Bake Shop website here .  The top was machine pieced and the blocks were constructed using a quick strip-piecing method. After hand quilting it I finally got it bound at the beginning of November.












I chose to use a traditional baptist fan quilt pattern which I found did a good job of softening the grid lines in this pattern.




As only the outer fan used a template it was a little tricky to draw the rows free-hand but overall, I am really pleased with the result. I only hope that the lines of the  silver marking pencil will come out in the wash!



Many thanks to my husband, Yves, for the amazing photos!


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    1. Thank you Jodie, well I wanted to make sure that just in case something happens to it in the wash, that I have proof of what it looked like! I wouldn’t worry about using the couch, this is where this one is going to end up. Of course if you have the opportunity to use somewhere outdoors it is certainly worth the trouble.


  1. WOW that quilt is amazing!! And the background for this photo shoot is amazing too!! I’m so excited for you! I love the fingers sticking out the top to hold it up!!

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