Sertig Valley



Last Saturday, one of Yves’ American cousins and her family came and stayed with us. It was their first time visiting Switzerland and so of course we wanted to take them somewhere  special . We knew, that with all the snow that had recently fallen,  Sertig-Dörfli (Sertig Village)  would be the perfect choice for a true Swiss experience.

Tucked away in a secluded valley,  Sertig Village is made up of no more than a few farms, a hotel, a couple of restaurants and the odd ski chalet. This little village, which lies at the end of the valley, is roughly a 15 minute drive away from Davos, the busy ski resort, high in the mountains of canton Graubünden.




I fell in love with this picturesqe mountain location, some years ago when my husband and I went for our first snow shoe tour from Clavadel to Sertig-Dörfli. Despite its’ slightly secluded location, Sertig offers many great outdoor activities such as hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice climbing, backcountry skiing. For something requiring less effort there are also carriage rides available.




As for our little family excursion, we enjoyed a lovely walk through the snow and a bit of sledding.  Having eaten there before, we decided to warm up and refuel in the charming, family friendly restaurant of Hotel Walserhuus. This was the perfect place to enjoy the views, only a little less stunning with the cloudy weather.




I loved all the personalized touches they had made to the restaurant such as this kiddy nook.




The simple use of fabric throughout the restaurant offered a lot of inspiration.




Of course I couldn’t resist the local specialty, ‘Capuns’, which is basically a dumpling wrapped in what I believe is Swiss Chard, in a cheese sauce.




I wish I knew where to buy the little paintings I found outside the bathroom.




Hopefully, we will get a lot of snow this winter so we can go back and go snowshoeing or cross country skiing there.


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