White Space

White space, it is something some people may have had enough of at this time of year, but my recent walk along this snow covered pond on the Philosopher’s Valley Path outside of St. Gallen is not my inspiration for this post today.  It’s my sewing room.

Unfortunately, lately I have hardly used this room for anything other than ironging, as I have mostly been working on hand quilting which I can do anywhere.

So this weekend, when the weather changed for the worse I decided I couldn’t leave Project Clean Up any longer.

I knew that in the state it was, I would never start a new project. I  simply can not think in a room that is up side down. Not only does it’s size not allow for chaos, but the dark color carpeting, lack of storage and north facing aspect means you have to tidy and organize regularly.


As I knew it would be a while before I actually got to my machine, I put it away , leaving all this lovely white space where I can sit and design my next project.



My desk is more or less tidy, leaving a bit of creative clutter that I need to sort out and freshen up.



But my cutting station is clean and orderly ready to start my next challenge: Reusing these left over half square triangles for another quilty project. I am squaring them up to 1 3/4 inches using my new rotating cutting mat that I bought in Boston last summer. It is great though the plastic is so smelly.

Don’t ask me what I am going to do with all these half-square triangles. I am waiting to see how many I have at the end of squaring them up to determine how big an item I can make. That is of course if my machine doesn’t want to devour there small pieces!

As for a little update on the rest of my weekend. Saturday, we went for a long walk in  Berneck, where we hiked through the hills, forest and vineyards. Here are a few pics of things that most inspired me on that walk.


In Switzerland many families, leave announcements outside their house when a new baby is born. I  just love these  handmade signs, which are intended more for the children living in that house.



I couldn’t believe this lovely sight, snowdrops and anenomes in January. It is certainly a sign of spring, though I hope the snow is not going to abandon us quite so soon in the season!

Well until next time, thanks for reading!



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  1. Those OLFA cutting mats ARE smelly! I’ve had mine for at least 4 years now, and even though I left them outside last summer for a few weeks (in the hopes of finishing their off-gassing), I still get a whiff of them every now and then. Good luck with your next project! 🙂


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